Strawberry Crown: a description of the variety, reviews

Probably, it is difficult to find a person who would notloved strawberries. This berry is loved by both children and adults. Strawberry Crown has an exquisite taste, a delicate aroma. It is good for health and, equally important, is available and easy to grow. Aromatic berries can be obtained throughout the year. For some reason, many consider it too capricious. This is not so, on the contrary, it can grow on your windowsill, in the garage, in the greenhouse even in winter.

Strawberry Crown: Variety Description

Experienced gardeners know that there are excellent varietiesstrawberries created by Russian breeders. They are adapted to our conditions and yield good harvests. Variety strawberry Crown arrived to us from Europe. It was developed by breeders of Holland in 1972. It was obtained by crossing the varieties Induk and Tamella. This magnificent strawberry very quickly won the hearts of many gardeners. To date, this is one of the most valuable dessert middle-aged varieties. He successfully takes root in the middle zone of Russia. Strawberry Crown is resistant to frost. Another of its undeniable advantages - the resistance of the variety to powdery mildew - a very common disease of strawberries.

strawberry crown

Characteristics of the variety

  • The berries are tender, fragrant, dense.
  • Size - from medium to large.
  • The color can be from bright red to dark. Well-defined gloss on the surface of berries.
  • According to the terms of ripening fruits strawberry grade Crown refers to the medium-early.

It has some disadvantages of the strawberry Crown. Comments gardeners say that the berries are difficult to separate the stalk, and marked instability to gray rot. In addition, often leaves of strawberries of this variety are amazed by white spotting.

Terms of maturation

Strawberry Crown, the photo of which you see in ourarticle, especially in demand in the middle zone of Russia, where even in the summer months the heat is not always pleasing for a long time. Therefore, the ability of this variety to tolerate frosts is especially appreciated by gardeners. And its resistance to a formidable disease, like powdery mildew, makes it even more attractive for gardeners.

strawberry crown description of grade

Ripen berries in mid-June, in the southern regions, of course, earlier.


Undoubtedly, strawberry Crown, description of the varietywhich can be found in all the guides on gardening, is much easier to grow in greenhouses. In the open ground, it can be affected by many unfavorable factors. But, as you know, true gardeners are not afraid of difficulties. Knowing the basic rules for planting and caring for this plant, you can achieve excellent results.

We select a site

First of all, it is necessary to select a siteThe land on which this plant will feel most comfortable. The most suitable place will be a place where legumes or cereals grew earlier, as it is believed that these plants disinfect the soil and loosen it. But it is suitable for planting and virgin land, the main thing is to thoroughly dig the soil. Suitable site of land, which "rested" at least a year.

strawberry variety crown

Strawberry Crown, a description of which is in allstores selling seeds and seedlings, loves open and sunlit spaces, but they must be protected from the wind. This is very important to take into account, since in winter such a territory will be well protected by a layer of snow, which is necessary strawberries. If this is not taken into account, then the next year the berries will be small.


Planted in the open ground, this strawberry should beearly spring, early autumn or late summer. Carefully inspect each bush and make sure that the root system is well developed. The beds should be one meter wide, the distance between the bushes should be not less than fifty centimeters, so that the plants are not confused. The saplings are lowered into a well, which must first be well watered. Re-irrigation is necessary immediately after planting, when the root system will be covered with earth.

strawberry crown reviews


Strawberry Crown needs regular care. It is necessary to systematically remove the weeds on the site. This work can be facilitated by mulching. As a covering material, you can use sawdust, straw, needles or cardboard. This will protect the berries from decay.

You should water strawberries regularly, but not too much.abundantly. To strawberries grow well and actively fructify, it must be fertilized with humus. Mineral make-up in the form of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, which are usually introduced into the soil in spring or autumn, will not interfere. Good influence on the development of young bush wood ash, which is made before digging the earth.

strawberry crown description

Protection against pests

Protection from pests is another important factor incare of strawberries. These sweet berries are very popular with the feathered inhabitants of our gardens, so it will not be superfluous on the site where strawberries grow, establish a rustling scarecrow. From other pests, the crop will help protect special solutions for spraying. Recently, useful insects have been used for this purpose, called entomophages.

strawberry crown photo

After Harvesting

We hope that you have harvested a good harvest of strawberriesCrown. But it's too early to rest. To the next year the harvest was not worse, but better, it is necessary to do some procedures. Trim off the remaining antennae, cover the bush with straw or sprinkle with wood ash. If suddenly you notice white spots on the leaves, you need to take urgent measures. This means that your strawberry got sick with gray rot. In all the specialized stores now you will be offered a lot of drugs that quite easily overcome this "strawberry ailment". If you want to feed your relatives with environmentally friendly berries, use chemical preparations strictly in accordance with the instructions on the packaging and only in case of emergency.

After reading our article, someone can decide thatthis variety is too picky in care, so many (especially inexperienced gardeners) do not really hurry to grow it. In fact, everything is not so scary. A little practice, experience and complicated at first glance manipulation will be obtained quickly and efficiently.

Strawberry Crown: reviews

We have studied the opinions of experienced gardeners about this variety. And that's what their verdict is. Many believe that it is good for gardeners, but not suitable for the farmer. As it turned out, a lot of berries are difficult to transport - they are too juicy and tender.

Gardeners are attracted by a rather low propensity for disease. But those summer residents, who grew this variety for sale, believe that today there are more yielding varieties.

It is possible to sum up: sort Crown with high taste and early maturity experienced dacha recommends to grow it for your family. For summer residents, entrepreneurs, it is not very suitable.

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