Olympic rings bring peoples and continents closer

No, probably on Earth is such a person whowould not know that the logo in the form of five multi-colored intertwined rings is the emblem of the Olympic Games. But that's what they specifically symbolize and why exactly such flowers, not everyone will say. And not everyone knows when the Olympic rings first appeared in games.

Today the main symbol of the Olympics isextraordinary popularity, its image, especially in the year of direct games, can be seen almost everywhere. Summer alternates with winter games, the venue is constantly changing, but only the emblem of contests - the Olympic Rings - remains unchanged.

Olympic rings

A bit of history

As you know, the founder of modern Olympicgames is Pierre de Coubertin. Thanks to his tireless energy, there was a revival of ancient sporting events. He also owns the idea of ​​the main symbol of these competitions. For the first time Olympic rings were presented to the general public in August 1912, approved as a symbol they were in 1914, and their official debut took place in 1920 at the games in Belgium.

The emblem of the most popular sport in the worldThe tournament consists of five rings of different colors on a white background, which are intertwined and placed in two rows. And in the Charter of Games it is strictly stipulated which colors and in what order they should be placed in each row.

Introducing the invented symbol, de Coubertin said that the Olympic rings symbolize the five parts of the world,participating in games and united by a common sports spirit. Games are a sporting event of an international scale, it is allowed to participate in all countries of all continents.

Olympic color rings

Colors are not subject to change

The Olympic color rings have the following: green, yellow, blue, black and red. They represent Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Moreover, both Americas - North and South - act as one whole, and the Arctic and Antarctic (for obvious reasons) are not on this list.

Initially, the binding of colors to certain partsthere was no light, and officially it is not there now. But it is interesting that at least one of the five colors is necessarily present on the national flag of each participating country of the Olympiad.

Olympic rings symbolize
The International Olympic Committee has developeda special code, which strictly stipulates the use of the symbols of the World Games, and no one is allowed to violate it. It precisely indicates the order of placement of rings: the upper row consists of three - blue, black and red colors; Yellow and green make up the bottom row. Even when the Olympic rings are depicted against a dark background, black should remain the same color.

More than a century has passed since the appearanceemblem, all this time it remains the symbol of the main sports contest of mankind. Athletes from all over the world are eager to take part and win medals. After all the winner receives together with a gold medal the lifelong honorary title of the Olympic champion.

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