Cashmere sweater: how to choose a product and take care of it

Cashmere sweater is made of fine woolena fabric made from down of high-mountain goats. Inhabit animals in India, China and Mongolia - they live high in the mountains, where the temperature can reach from -50 to +40 ° C. This explains the properties of the material: it is very light, soft and fluffy, but it perfectly retains heat and does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. In addition, the men's cashmere sweater looks very expensive and noble. Natural colors of fabrics are black, white, brown and gray. Above all, white fluff is judged - it is believed that it has the best qualities. In addition, white cashmere can be painted in different colors.

cashmere sweater

How to choose a quality product?

You looked at the cashmere sweater store, butdo you doubt its quality? Experts advise to make a small check: slightly stretch the product in the sides. If it quickly assumes the original form, it indicates that the thing is really good. In addition, it is recommended to choose pure cashmere, not mixed with wool - it is much more gentle and pleasant to the touch.

cashmere sweaters for women

Care Tips

If you want a cashmere sweaterserved you as long as possible, you will have to deal with it accordingly. Do not erase it in the typewriter, even on a delicate basis. Ideally, you need to give the product to dry cleaners - then it will not lose shape. However, hand washing is also allowed. The water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, and instead of powder it is better to take a gentle cleanser, for example shampoo. Dissolve it in water and then do not change it until the end of washing. Carefully rinse the sweater in soapy water, but do not rub or twist it. Rinsing should be done until the water is completely clear. Do not squeeze a thing and do not dry it by hanging it on a rope. Spread a clean towel or sheet on the table and neatly spread out the blouse so that it does not get direct sunlight. In addition, drying is not recommended near heating sources.

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Cashmere sweaters for women are recommended to storein special bags or bags in the folded form. But to hang them in the closet on the shoulders is not necessary - things can stretch. Put a stain on the clothes, dripping on it with juice, tea, jam or sauce? Do not worry: maybe it can still be saved. Quickly rinse the affected area with cold water (but in no case hot - it will only make the stain more stable). When the season of socks comes to an end, a cashmere sweater is better to put in a closet or chest of drawers. At the same time, it should be perfectly clean - this will protect the product from moths. Remove voracious insects can be and with the help of special plates - they are sold in any store of household chemicals. If you do not like their pungent smell, use folk remedies: put on a shelf with clothes dry orange crust or sachet cloves, lavender, rosemary, thyme. In addition, the excellent effect gives wood cedar - it is sold in the form of small brusochkov. It will not only save your favorite sweater from moth encroachments, but will also give it the scent of the forest.

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