Tablets from worms for dogs before vaccination. Tablets from worms for dogs: side effects

A dog owner can always understand when hisa four-legged friend wants to play with him or is hungry. But how to understand that the pet is sick or something bothers him? After all, when the dog becomes infected with worms, the symptoms may not be noticeable.

Ways of infection

Animals are mostly infected with wormsthrough - licking objects, drinking water and eating foods that are infected. Eggs of worms are everywhere: on a platform for walking, on the grass, on the sole of shoes and in feces, which animals like to sniff.

tablets from worms for dogs
The dog runs the risk of getting infected at any time.helminths, especially the high probability of "catching" internal parasites in the summer, it is in a warm time that their eggs are everywhere. Even fleas are carriers of worms. In addition, the animal can become infected with worms, while still in the womb of the mother. Therefore, tablets are needed from worms for dogs.

Infection with roundworms occurs byfalling into the jaws of objects or food contaminated with the faeces of an animal afflicted with the disease. Tape worms enter the body of the dog by eating meat products affected by the embryos of these parasites.

tablets from worms for dogs pratel
Unconditionally, completely to protect the pet fromcontact with potentially dangerous items is impossible, but you can reduce the chance of infection. If you do not feed the raw river fish to the dog and do not let her eat scum and drink water from the puddles, the chances that the pet will become infected with worms are significantly reduced. For prophylaxis, it is better to give tablets from worms for dogs.

Signs of worms

There are some symptoms by which you can understand that the dog needs urgent de-worming:

  1. The animal "rides" on the pope.
  2. Hiccup after eating.
  3. Difficulty swallowing.
  4. Dermatitis or other kind of skin diseases.
  5. Lack of appetite for no apparent reason.
  6. Unstable chair.
  7. Vomiting.
  8. Increased appetite while reducing body weight.
  9. Deterioration of general condition.

If the worm infects a dog in the stool, you can see "segments" of living or dead individuals or eggs of worms. Sometimes, with a strong invasion of an animal, it tears with worms.

Treatment and prevention

Treatment of the dog from the worms is reduced to taking certain drugs. If the animal's condition is severe, you should be extremely careful.

Tablets from worms for dogs before grafting

With a strong disease, the intestine mayclogged helminths. If the dog alone can not get rid of them, she needs to make an enema or give a laxative to help cleanse the body.

There is one more unpleasant moment. Some types of worms straighten before death. For a small puppy it's deadly. In the intestine, the dead parasites become like needles, which leads to bleeding and the dog dies. If the worms are many, they are weaved into a ball, which covers the intestine, clogging it. In this case, the veterinarian needs help. In other cases, tablets against worms for dogs.

How to give drugs correctly

It is very important that the dog during the run wasis healthy. First of all, the pet is treated for fleas, since they are carriers of worms. After that, they are treated for parasites. Only healthy dogs are given antihistamine tablets against worms for dogs. Before vaccination, the animal should not have fleas and helminths.

2-3 days before the use of anthelminticthe product in the withers of the dog is pricked with the "Gomovit" remedy. Tablets are given a few hours before meals, after another 5 hours - the drug Enterosgel. In order not to ruin the liver, it is better to give petroleum jelly, and not sunflower oil. After the above procedures give a probiotic. The distillation is repeated after two weeks. It should be remembered that for the health of the animal is very important tablets from worms for dogs. Instructions for taking the drug will help the owner of the pet.

Prevention of worms

In order not to expose the dog to danger,to carry out regular preventive maintenance. Today, pharmacology offers a variety of drugs with a wide range of action, working against different types of parasites. They are available in various dosage forms - suspensions and tablets. It is extremely important to comply with the dosage, which depends on the weight of the dog. Means from worms give with a small amount of food. You can fully feed your pet after 2 hours.

Tablets from worms for dogs can be divided into groups:

  1. Preparations that are administered orally. This includes powders, suspensions and tablets.
  2. Injection means.
  3. Drops on the withers.

Tablets from worms for dogs kanikvantel
The most popular tablets for worms for dogsPratel, Alben, Canikvantel, Drontal, Dirofen and Envir. But if you analyze each drug, then they all have their minuses and pluses, so when choosing you should be guided by the physiological characteristics of the dog's organism and the type of parasite that it is infected with. Produce drugs in the form of tablets or suspensions to the owner of the dog was able to choose the most convenient option for your pet. It is very important that the animal eats pills. Pharmacists have been worried about this, releasing drugs with the taste and smell of meat products.

Side effects

Anthelmintic drugs may not containonly the active component, whose action is directed against a specific type of parasites, but also other active substances that have a complex effect on helminths. Very often animals become infected with several kinds of worms. In this case, it is better to choose tablets that act on all types of helminths and the stage of their development. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions to the drugs, since some of them can be toxic and lead to poisoning of the dog's body.

In addition, tablets from worms for dogs can cause side effects due to overdose, individual intolerance and the use of counterfeit drugs. In case of malaise after taking the tabletsgive the dog an absorbent. If an animal has vomiting, muscle tremor, lethargy, diarrhea, or breathing difficulties, it is necessary to immediately contact a veterinarian. But with the right dosage, anthelmintic drugs do not cause side effects.

Pratel Tablets

tablets from worms for dogs alben with
The preparation "Pratel" contains in its composition twoactive substances: pyrantelaembonate and praziquantel. The action of the first active component is based on the excitation of neurotransmitters in roundworms, which leads to death. After the first dose, parasites are excreted through the intestine. The drug should be given to the animal 3-4 times a year for prevention. The second substance is characterized by a rapid action, the ribbon parasites die right away. The interaction of the active component with proteins and phospholipids begins with the first seconds of contact of worms with the drug. The tapeworm paralyzes the outer cover, which causes death. Tablets from worms for dogs "Pratel" round in shape with a cross-shaped notch of light yellow color. It is not recommended to give tablets to pregnant and sick animals, and also to apply the drug with medicines containing piperazine.

The drug "Drontal"

tablets from worms for dogs drontal
Tablets from worms for dogs "Drontal Plus"have anthelminthic effect on round and tapeworms. The mechanism of action of the drug is based on the damage to muscle tissue and the shell, as well as the inhibition of enzymes of the parasite, which leads to the death of the helminth. This drug is low-toxic, does not have embryotoxic, sensitizing and teratogenic properties in warm-blooded animals. Drontal Plus tablets are intended for therapeutic and preventive de-worming of dogs with cestoses and nematodes. Introduce the drug to the dog at the rate of 0, 66 g (1 tablet) per 10 kg of its mass with a small amount of food in the morning feeding.

The drug "Kanikvantel Plus"

These tablets are administered orally with food atmixed helminthiases of the animal, caused by flat and round worms. Since infection with parasites in puppies can occur from three weeks after birth, tablets from worms for dogs "Kanikvantel Plus" should be started not earlier than this age. When infection with ascarids for complete dehelminthization is not enough single-use. Especially it concerns young dogs. To reduce the risk of infection of people who are in close contact with the animal, it is necessary to repeat the procedure in 2-3 weeks. Contraindicated drug pregnant dogs.

tablets from worms for dogs dirofen

The preparation "Alben S"

tablets from worms for dogs alben with
With the help of this drug, treatment andprevention of a number of diseases: dipilidioz, diphyllobothriasis, toxocariasis and others. Tablets from worms for dogs "Alben C" contain an active substance, like albendazole, which acts as a destroyer of the microtubular function and disrupts the carbohydrate metabolism of helminths. This mechanism of action of the drug leads to the death and removal of worms from the body of the animal. Tablets are active against mature and immature trematodes, nematodes and cestodes.

The drug is administered orally once duringmorning feeding with a small amount of food. Enter it at the rate of 0, 66 g per 5 kg of dog weight. In addition, two weeks before vaccination, these tablets are also given from worms for dogs. Before vaccination, a pre-hunger diet or the use of a laxative is not required.

It is not recommended to give the drug to pregnant women andnursing dogs. Tablets "Alben S" are well tolerated by animals, if you follow the instructions for their use. They also do not have hepatotoxic, embryotoxic and teratogenic properties.

The drug "Dirofen"

tablets from worms for dogs
Tablets from worms for dogs "Dirofen" possessanthelmintic effect at all stages of development of tape and roundworms. Fenbendazole and pyrantel pamoate, which are part of the drug, destroy the microtubular function, paralyze the muscle tissue and disrupt the carbohydrate metabolism of helminths, which leads to their death and promote removal from the body of the animal. The agent "Dirofen" is prescribed not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of worms in dogs. It is not recommended to use the medication for exhausted and sick animals, puppies that are not three weeks old, and pregnant dogs.

It is necessary to give a pill to an animal in the morningfeeding with a small amount of food. If the dog refuses to take it, the tablet is placed on the root of the tongue or injected with a syringe in the form of a suspension. For preventive purposes it is desirable to repeat the procedure after 3 months.

Envir tablets

This drug has a wide range ofcestodes, nematodes, trichuroses and ascariasis. It is not recommended to use tablets from worms for dogs "Envir" at the same time as piperazine, as well as pregnant and weak dogs. Deworming takes place every 3-4 months in the morning feeding with a small amount of food. A dose of 1 tablet per 6-10 kg of animal weight is given. Overdose can lead to diarrhea and vomiting of the dog, cause ataxia and decreased appetite.

Can I prevent infection with worms from the dog

Infected with worms the pet representsdanger for the whole family. The fact that a pet has a common parasitic worms - helminthiases. Therefore, both adults and children, can become infected with ribbon worms and round worms. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carry out regular prophylaxis of the animal with the help of the above-described drugs. For people in the pharmaceutical market, there are also many preventive medicines.

Scheme of prevention of helminths

tablets from worms for dogs
In order to reduce the risk of infection with worms, it is necessary:

  1. Keep the dog clean, feed benign food and do not allow to eat the feces of humans and animals.
  2. Fight fleas and larvae.
  3. Handle adult animals every three months.
  4. Two weeks before a viscous glisten, a dog.
  5. Deworming pups from the age of three weeks and before vaccination.
  6. To give the dog preparations of a wide spectrum of action, periodically alternating them.

If the animal is already infected with helminths, it should be given to it from worms for dogs. Side effects do not occur if you follow the instructions.

How often to treat a dog

Glystonny drug - a toxic agent,affecting not only the parasites, but also the animal's organism. Therefore, it is very important to comply with the dosage. If you treat the infected dog once a month, you can not destroy all the worms completely. This is evidenced by the fact that the puppies are born infected helminths in a dog that has been dogged by all rules. Hence, the helminths in the animal are always present. Therefore, it makes no sense to "poison" the dog with drugs in the hope that she will not have worms at all. But to reduce them to the minimum amount, without harming the animal, it is possible. Do not forget that certain types of worms have certain drugs.

anti-worm tablets for dogs

It is desirable to use a wide range of tabletsactions before knitting and vaccination. In other cases it is better to take tests for an accurate diagnosis. If the worms are present, then it is necessary to find out which ones, and only by the result of the tests, one should buy preparations for dehelminthization.

Treatment of worms in an animal should be performed understrict supervision by a veterinarian, since intoxication of his body can be very difficult. If the owner treats the dog on his own, but according to the recommendations of a specialist, it is necessary to monitor the animal's well-being.

It should be remembered that one can not neglectprevention, because worms are dangerous not only for animals, but for all household members. If there are children in the house where the dog lives, it is necessary to be vigilant twice and if any violation of the usual behavior of the animal or malaise, you should consult a doctor.

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