The order of the day of the newborn

Long nine months have come to an end. An extract from the hospital is already behind, and you finally become happy parents. It's not a secret for anyone that this means not only endless happiness, but also daily worries and lack of sleep. Most young mothers complain about lack of time, chronic fatigue and so on. But all these problems can be avoided by adjusting the routine of the newborn. This is not so difficult. The main thing is to show dexterity and perseverance in the first weeks of a baby's life.

daily routine of the newborn

The order of the day of the newborn

The first months of life the child's needs are reducedto feeding, sleeping, bathing. If the baby is healthy, then most of the time he sleeps and wakes up just to eat. In your power to do so that at the same time you could get enough sleep, do all the household chores and yourself. The penultimate feeding of the baby falls out at 8 pm. Many make the mistake of giving the child after that to stay awake. As a result, the whole family until 12 (last feeding) hours of the night does not sleep. By six we must already wake up, because at this time for the newborn comes the morning and the first feeding. Such a regime will beat anyone. Fatigue accumulates, lack of sleep affects health and relationships.

How to adjust the daily routine of a newborn

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The output is very simple. After eight hours of feeding, put the baby to sleep and do the same. At first it will not be easy to do. But, having shown patience, you will achieve your goal. At night, the child does not have to wake up. You can feed half asleep, then put it back. Thus, you will be provided with a full rest. To make it easier for a baby to get used to sleeping early, you can do the following. Time by this time evening water procedures. In warm water, children relax and calm down. Make a gift for the newborn. After the bath, give the baby a light massage session using oil. It is useful for the skin, body and even for well-being. After that, it will be easier for the baby to fall asleep. At first you can rock him on your hands. Children love this very much.

How useful is the established mode of the day

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Formed schedule of the newbornis invaluable. In the future, you will appreciate this and appreciate that the effort was not in vain. Gradually, the need for night feeding will disappear. By the age of eighteen months, the time of the last meal can be shifted, and the baby can be put to bed by nine o'clock in the evening. This mode can be saved until the eighth class, if you do it. After nine, the parents' time comes, and the kid must learn it. Dad and mom can do their own thing or just go to bed.

Another plus is that throughsome time in the morning you can easily wake the child to a kindergarten or school. Wake up will be even easier if the morning include fun music. And you and the children will undoubtedly cheer up all day.

Strict regime of the day has not harmed anyone. Your children will thank you when they grow up. And it will be easier for you to make plans for the next day. You will always know when and what you need to do.

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