What kind of holiday is Independence Day?

Russians celebrate many holidays, one ofespecially revered - Independence Day. This date is perceived not just as an extra day off, but as a day of pride for our country. Despite the fact that the holiday is young, it is one of the most solemn. Freedom, civil peace, law and justice are his postulates. The day unites all the inhabitants of the country and teaches to be responsible for the future of the Motherland.

Independence Day
History of occurrence

Even in the RSFSR, a Declaration on thesovereignty (12.06.1990). Later, the day was declared inoperative and the relevant amendments to the Labor Code were amended. The final name comes from the word "sovereignty", which means "independence." The Russian people at first treated with coolness to this day, as they considered him guilty of the collapse of a huge republic. Then people found out that there is no point in the declaration itself that Russia is leaving the USSR.

Independence Day was granted state statusthanks to the first President Yeltsin BN This happened because on June 12 he won the elections by universal suffrage. It happened in 1991, and in 3 years the holiday became national. Putin V.V. noted that this date is the beginning of the new era of our state, and proposed to rename it on the Day of Russia, which was done in 2002.

Independence Day 2013

Independence Day 2013

Politicians state that the solemn datehelps to imbibe responsibility for our country, as well as to learn its past. On Red Square in honor of the event is a grand concert, in the Kremlin at this time awarded state awards. In all cities of Russia they organize concerts in the central squares. Large enterprises, concerns, factories organize festive celebrations, performances for working people.

On Independence Day, parties usually holdrallies. 2013 was no exception: concerts, awards and prizes, rallies - all organized at the highest level. The final chord of events is a grandiose, bright, beautiful salute and hymn of our Motherland.

Independence Day today

The attitude of Russians to the holiday is positive. Mass concerts, competitions, performances of humorists, exhibitions, sales are visited. In large cities in the sky in the evening the salutes are booming. The day brings patriotism in citizens to their country, their city, their land.

Independence Day of Russia 2013

People like to go on nature to picnics: fry shish kebab, rest at the ponds. Some consider the date an extra weekend, but most know that this is a tribute to history, the beginning of the formation of a democratic society.

Now they compose songs and poems for this holiday,they show pride, respect for the Motherland. Grateful words tell us that Russia has experienced a lot in its history, but it has survived and continues to develop. The Independence Day of Russia (2013) showed that citizens know national dates and honor them.

Our Motherland has a historical and culturalheritage. She went a long way to a "strong state". Her independence is the result of courage, hard work and dedication of her ancestors. You need to know and remember this!

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