How to choose shelving brackets?

Brackets for shelves

If you decide on one of the walls of your roomTo establish shelves, do not forget to choose still suitable brackets for them. First and foremost, decide on the design purpose - that will determine what fasteners to purchase. For example, if you plan them as a decorative element, on which there will not be anything heavier than miniature vases, you can choose any brackets for shelves. The main thing is that they fit into the interior of the room. It is also important to choose the correct fasteners: anchors or anchors. Do not forget to take into account: the larger the width of the shelf, the stronger the adhesion to the wall.

There are wall brackets for shelves according tothe degree of permissible load on them, on materials and, of course, on forms. Most of the models presented in the shops are designed for a load of 15-30 kg. Usually this restriction does not bother anyone, because the weight of the shelf, together with the things installed on it, does not exceed the specified value.

Wall brackets for shelves
The choice of materials from which to makebrackets for shelves, is quite diverse. You can stop your attention on the usual strict steel options, purchase holders from aluminum, cast iron, wood to choose forged products or buy plaster models.

The latter option is usually chosen forclassical interiors: if desired, they can be left white, and you can apply gilding with foil or paint in marble. Of course, such work must be entrusted to professionals. But the look of the machined brackets in the appropriate interior will be very appropriate and elegant. On the shelves that they support, you can put a collection of china, spectacular souvenirs that fit into the general style of the room, or old Chinese vases. Do not be afraid that they are unreliable and will not be able to withstand the load. Manufacturers reinforce gypsum brackets for shelves, so they are designed for the same load as other options.

Forged shelf brackets
If you prefer minimalism, thenit is better to choose the least noticeable holders: some options create the illusion that the shelves are simply pinned to the wall. But for bedrooms often choose metallic ornate products. Forged brackets for shelves give a romantic mood. The combination of metal with wood will be appropriate in a room made in country-style - so you can emphasize the simplicity and excellent taste of the owners. In this house you are unlikely to find artsy things that do not fit into the overall interior.

Of course, you need to choose the brackets for shelvesin accordance with the general style of the room, but do not forget that the range of prices for this product is quite wide. For example, forged parts that were manufactured by hand can not be cheap. But the usual flat metal fastenings will be available to most. If you wish, you can independently design the brackets that you will make to order. Of course, their cost will be much higher, but you will become the owner of exclusive interior details.

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