Vaginitis in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Usually a disease such as vaginitis(inflammation of the vagina), young dogs suffer. As a rule, this disease occurs in combination with vulvitis and vestibulitis. If you notice that your dog is constantly licking a noose, with no estrus in it, then this is already an excuse to contact the veterinarian. Another sign that you need to go with a pet to the doctor is that a viscous liquid is released from the loop, which you can see on the furniture or on the carpet.


Vaginitis in dogs appears for various reasons. We will consider them now.

There is usually juvenile vaginitis in a dog,which has not yet reached puberty. The main reason at this time is a decrease in the norm of estrogens in the blood. Against the background of this disease, the resistance of the mucous genital tract to irritants from the outside is reduced. And this, in turn, certainly, facilitates the process of introduction and further reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

vaginitis in dogs

Outgoing inflammation of the uterus is also the cause of vaginitis in dogs.

The next cause of the disease -mucosal trauma during sexual intercourse, during childbirth, during rough medical manipulations. Gateway for the penetration of pathogenic bacteria (enterococci, staphylococcus and others) is just the injured tissue.

Why else does vaginitis occur in dogs? Such a disease can occur with reduced immunity of the animal against the background of stress, due to improper hygiene, unbalanced nutrition. Infection with worms can also provoke the appearance of vaginitis. Another reason is the improper use of antibiotics. Because of this, the normal microflora of the vagina is broken, dysbacteriosis appears, which leads to the appearance of vaginitis in dogs.

Bacteria can also enter the mucosa of an animal when mating.

Vaginitis in dogs: symptoms of the disease

The characteristic signs of this diseaseare edematous vulva, reddening of the mucous membrane. Another symptom is an inflammatory exudate from the loin of the dog. It can be of different colors (white, greenish, etc.).

juvenile vaginitis in a dog

Other signs of the disease:

  • the wool around the genital organs is glued together;
  • itching (there is scratching, as well as biting the vulva);
  • the animal behaves restlessly;
  • the appearance of blood or pus is not excluded;
  • sometimes there is an increase in temperature.

Forms of the disease, signs

The inflammatory process can take place in the form of catarrhal-purulent, phlegmonous, serous and diphtheritic vaginitis. Now we describe how each species manifests itself.

treat vaginitis in a dog

  1. Phlegmonous type. From the vagina may emerge gray or brown with a clay smell. Remains of different tissues are also possible.
  2. Catarrhal vaginitis is shown by turbid, colorless and watery discharge. On mucous it is possible to notice hemorrhages and jazvochki (small on the size).
  3. Serous appearance is characterized by yellow and semitransparent discharge.
  4. Juvenile vaginitis in dogs. It is characterized by translucent discharge of cream color.
  5. Chronic vaginitis manifests exudates of yellow color, its consistency resembles sour cream.
  6. Diphtheric type can be determined by the following signs: blood discharge with an unpleasant odor, elevated temperature.
  7. Purulent-catarrhal vaginitis is characterized by thick secretion with pus. On the mucous you can see multiple erosions and ulcers.

Treatment of the disease. What methods are applied?

Of course, it is necessary to start treating vaginitis in a dog as early as possible in order to avoid complications. But it is necessary to do this under the supervision of a veterinarian.

treatment of vaginitis in dogs

As a rule, juvenile vaginitis in dogs does notrequires treatment. It usually passes after the beginning of the first heat. Other veterinarians offer their methods of treatment. It is necessary to enter three days of estrogen preparations in a reduced dosage (one injection requires an active substance from 0.1 to 0.6 mg).

Treatment of vaginitis in dogs with hormonaldrugs are rarely used, because such activities do not always give a positive result, but the negative effect (the hormonal imbalance may increase even more) is manifested in almost every case.

To prescribe the right treatment for a dogthe swab is taken from the vagina. He is sent to the laboratory. There are various tests to determine the sensitivity of the obtained microflora to various antimicrobial agents. The results depend on the choice of drugs.

For sexually mature animals, almost neverLocal treatment without general antibiotic therapy is used. These drugs are used at a high severity of the disease (with phlegmonous and diphtheritic form).

To stop the pathological process withpurulent-catarrhal and catarrhal form on the mucous membranes are applied ointments that have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. To be convenient to apply the product, use a plastic spatula or a syringe.

To treat this disease, you canuse prednisolone, streptotsidnuyu, sintomitsinovuyu, oksikortovuyu ointment and others. What should be the dosage for a single dose? Five to ten milliliters.

Sometimes it is used to treat douching with a solution of "Furacilin", manganese or "Miramistin". Treatment should be performed daily until the animal is fully recovered.

vaginitis in dogs symptoms

Prevention of the disease. What measures are applied?

For the prevention of disease it is worth following the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to observe the elementary hygiene for the dog.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the immunity of the animal.
  3. It is proper and balanced to feed the pet.
  4. It is necessary for the animal to have enough microelements and vitamins.
  5. You only need to make a match with a fully healthy male.
  6. It should be timely vaccinated.


Now you know what vaginitis is in dogs. We examined its types and symptoms. The topic of treatment was also touched upon. We hope that our article was useful to you.

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