Watch Morgan - the history of the brand

When post-war Europe was liberated from ruins andpassed to the long-awaited peaceful life, began its economic recovery. It is at this time there are new fashion brands. One of them was the brilliant Morgan, founded in 1947 by sisters Zhoselin and Odette. At first, the company produced only underwear, which, by the way, later became no less popular.

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Release the watch Morgan company will be muchlater. Zhoselin was an original and talented designer, and Odette - a very capable manager. Very soon, the sisters' abilities brought popularity and fame to the brand.

By early 1975, a small family at the timethe enterprise received an impetus to further productive development, when the company was managed by a little-known Pierre Baruch. Thanks to his efforts, the company received solid investments and concluded several serious contracts.

In 1983, the company joined the managementClaude Bismuth. He came up with his ideas about expanding production. In addition, he suggested moving the company to Sentier, an area that later became the heart of the famous French textiles. Two years after the creation of the new complex, Morgan became the largest enterprise in France in terms of output, using its own raw materials.

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Having conquered the French fashion market, the company does notstopped on the achieved, she boldly went to the European, and then she was subjected to the world market of brand clothes and accessories. In 1997, the Morgan boutique was opened in Russia. To date, Morgan has 575 stores in 57 countries.

Achieved tremendous success in productionstylish clothes, the company starts producing various accessories - perfumes, glasses, toilet water, belts and watches. Originally accessories were not produced in a separate collection, but were just an addition to Morgan's trendy clothes. But in 1988 the situation changed when the accessories store was opened. From that moment on they began an independent life. At this time, the buyers first saw the watch Morgan.

This bright accent in the image of the "girl Morgan"airy and easy, naive and romantic, and at the same time seductive and sexual. Each collection of watches always produces a furor, and the original and unusual design instantly becomes a trend. Morgan watches correspond to the basic concept of the company - they are recognizable, fashionable, inexpensive and at the same quality.

morgan watches for women
When creating new collections, the company boldlyexperiments with form, color, materials. All samples are original and unique: even within the same collection it is difficult to find two identical samples. Morgan - the watch is universal. They can be worn at work, studying, for an evening walk with friends.

A feature of these watches is a miniatureheart, which in different versions is present on all models of Morgan. Women's watches often in their design have the name of the company. For example, in the last collection it is played with all sorts of straps and chains of a bracelet.

The Morgan watch is a modern design, quite affordable price, excellent build quality. They are harmonious, while giving a feeling of joy to each of its owner.

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