Simple finger exercises for children 2-3 years old

Fingers are a very important part of the body. And not only because with their help you can keep different things or learn to count. It is from them that the so-called small motor skills-the ability to handle small things-depend. In order to develop it, there is a special finger gymnastics for children 2-3 years old.

finger exercises for children 2 3 years
Why this is necessary

It turns out that children with developed fine motor skillsbetter able to hold a spoon and more skillfully managed with it, draw with a pencil, and later - easier to learn to write using the pen. They are easier to tie laces, button fastening and other operations that require sufficient dexterity of the fingers. And at school age, they are more successful in training. They have high self-esteem, fewer problems with writing. In addition, finger games for kids up to 3 years help the development of speech centers, which in turn contributes to a more active development of speaking. It is at this age that this aspect of development becomes especially relevant. A simple rhymes that accompany the movements of the fingers help to successfully create a sense of rhythm among the children and to enhance the musical ear, granted by nature, which will be very useful to them in later life. And: the guys always like to do something with adults. Therefore, finger exercises for children of 2-3 years give them pleasure, allowing them to get closer to their parents, to deserve their praise. At the same time a good fine motor skills raises the reaction, and games for such kids develop memory.

games for children from 2 to 3 years

As the name implies, in finger gamesthe main element - children's fingers and palms. They must perform movements of varying complexity. For children of 2-3 years, these actions will be the simplest, and then, as the child grows and accumulates experience, they become more complicated. One of the examples of such a game, familiar to everyone from early childhood, is a fairy tale about the "magpie-crow", which "cooked the kasha". But there are a lot of similar rhymes that can be accompanied by movements. Here are some games for children from 2 to 3 years old.


This finger wanted to sleep (bend the little stick),

This finger slips into the bed (bend a ring finger),

This finger just took a nap (bend the middle),

This finger at once fell asleep (bend the forefinger),

This finger is fast asleep (bend large),

Nobody makes any more noise!

Alternately bending fingers, you can make them a light massage, a little stroking, which will be a good accompaniment to the main action.

Fingering gymnastics for children of 2-3 years is an indispensable element of daily activities. To conduct it, you can use short poems about children or animals.

About Marina

Marinka went along the forest path

(go with your fingers on a table or other surface).

At the edge of the forest, she tore chamomiles

(to connect fingers of a hand in a pinch and "to tear flowers", opening and closing it).

While she was running back, she lost all the flowers

(open the palms of both hands and "run away" with your fingers; at end with hands, showing that there are no flowers).


Bunny-bunny, where is your tail (jump)?

Here (hands behind back)!

Bunny-bunny, where is your nose (jump)?

Here (show nose)!

Bunny-bunny, paws where (jump)?

Here (show hands)!

Bunny-bunny, and ears where (jump)?

Here (show the ears)!

finger games for kids under 3 years old

Fingering gymnastics for children 2-3 years will helpdevelop small motor skills, which means - to instill in the child many useful skills. Such simple rhymes can be invented independently, based on the experience of daily communication with the child, and pick up the necessary movements.

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