Mysteries of wit and non-standard thinking for children

As the baby grows, it should not beonly interesting to him, but also useful. Riddles on savvy allow the child not only to use the already known data, but also to reflect on the answer. Non-standard thinking develops in this way. Of course, adults will have to break their brains to come up with such puzzles. Although there is nothing complicated in this.


Funny options with a trick

Riddles on savvy do not have to have any direct answer. No, the more confusing, the more interesting. For example, here are these:

  • According to hunters, what is a globe?
  • What was the name of the world's first semiconductor?
  • Work is not a wolf. Everyone knows this. And then what?

Such riddles with a tricky trick are suitable andadults. Not everyone has found answers? And they are simple: an effigy of the earth, Ivan Susanin, the product of the distance by force. Senior students can easily cope with such riddles. And the younger, of course, it will be difficult to understand. Therefore, they can think of and simpler.

Variants for Junior Schoolchildren

Since small children, although they are quick enough to understand, have less knowledge, then the ridiculous riddles of savvy should be proportionate to their knowledge. For example, here are these:

  • There is cheese in the mousetrap. But what mouse can get it?
  • She can not even fit into the largest saucepan.
  • There is such a thing, according to which they walk often, but they travel very rarely. What is it?

Kids will be easy enough and fun to findthe answer to such riddles is witty. And you could find them? The answers are simple: the second mouse, the lid from this pot, the ladder. Finding the answers is not only fun and interesting, but also informative. It develops thinking and logic.

riddles of wit with answers

Mysteries with cheating

Here you need to come up with the right answer, based onthat which has already been given in the matter itself. These puzzles on the witty for children can develop not only non-standard thinking and logic, but also mindfulness. For example, here are these:

  • Our Julia has icicles on her cheeks.
  • We sailed for a week along the river with a drop.
  • Here went a snowstorm, and the cold. In the sky, a bright puddle shines.
  • In the woods, a knock is heard. Does it bang the sun?
  • Will the funniest, cheerful, tender spring always stir the snowdrop?
  • The snow melted between the pines. And the winter was replaced by autumn?

The most attentive ones have already found the answers to these questions.riddles of wit. These are: freckles, ice floes, sun, woodpecker, dove, spring. To solve it will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults. Therefore, it is possible to use such riddles with a wit with answers for a family game. Or on the road, when you need to take a child with something, and even have fun.

puzzles for witty children

Funny children's puzzles

They can come up with a lot and right on the go. Here are some examples:

  • Who is Winnie the Pooh - a pig or a boar?
  • Dad Masha has five daughters. Four are called: Tanya, Anya, Alena, Sveta. What's the fifth name?
  • Six brothers have one sister. How many sisters are there?
  • If there are more, the weight becomes smaller.
  • You go by yourself, but leave it behind you.
  • What next to the house is higher than he, but does not it weigh anything?
  • In his hand you can not grab it, but you get it from him in the eye - you cry.
  • Light as a feather, but you can not hold it for long.

These puzzles on the ingenuity of the answers are quite simple:

  • Bear.
  • Masha.
  • One sister, since they are all brothers.
  • Holes.
  • Track.
  • The shadow of the house.
  • Smoke.
  • Breathe in.

You can come up with them quickly and without muchtension. Or use old, proven options such as what kind of mouse walks on both legs, what a duck can walk on two legs, what actions are needed to remove the elephant into the freezer. Many adults remember the answers from childhood: Mickey Mouse, any duck walks on two paws, open the freezer, put an elephant, close the door (3 actions in total).

funny puzzles

Logical tasks on the ingenuity

Adults and schoolchildren will be interested in looking for answers to such puzzles, as they stimulate the development of logic and thinking. The solution will have to be pretty sweaty. Here are some examples:

  • Having looked in a magnifying glass on a triangle, what it is impossible to increase?
  • The black cat is easiest to get into the house when ...
  • If the car turns to the right, which wheel does it not spin?
  • How deep can the hare run into the forest?
  • In the room, 30 candles burned, of which 10 were put out. How much is left?
  • On the branch sat four birds, of which three decided to fly. How many now sitting on a branch?
  • What can I take in my right hand, but do not take it to the left?

Not every adult can find the answers to these problems. And they are quite simple and logical, if you think carefully:

  • Angles (they will not become bigger under the influence of the magnifying glass).
  • When the door is open (otherwise, it's hard for any cat to get into the house).
  • Spare, all the others are spinning during the movement.
  • Exactly to the middle of the forest. Starting from the middle, he will run out of the forest, and not run into it.
  • There will be 10 candles, the rest will burn.
  • Four left, three just decided to fly, but not yet flew.
  • The left elbow can be taken in the right hand, and the left one no longer exists.

riddles with ingenuity with a trick


Many adults are familiar with them, but they can easily be adapted for children. For example, here are the options:

  • Can an ostrich call itself a bird?
  • Large, with a mustache, full of hares. What is it?
  • During the rain, the fox always hides under this tree. What kind of tree is this?
  • What months in the year do they have for 28 days?
  • When the chicken crosses the road, where does it go?
  • Serenky, small, like an elephant.

Such jokes-minutes also perfectly develop the logicin children, so they can be safely asked in class. At the same time that the kids are developing lessons, they will not even guess. And those who find it difficult to answer, here they are:

  • No, it can not, birds do not talk.
  • Trolleybus.
  • Wet. During the rain, all the trees in the forest are wet.
  • All months are at least 28 days old.
  • The hen goes to the other side of the road, this is her own business.
  • The elephant is small and gray, similar to adult elephants.

Such puzzles can be invented right on the go,to entertain himself and the child. Finding the clues is also fun for both, so many teachers and caregivers use such a game form on various festivals and gatherings. If the family is big, then even riddles can be held at home. It will be fun and interesting, but also informative, as many parents want. Such peaceful developmental activities for the whole family will appeal to many people.

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