Tag Heuer Watches: reviews

For all who prefer luxury, the highestaccuracy and unrivaled style, the products produced under this brand are intended. TAG Heuer is a leading manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of sports watches and high-precision chronographs. The company is part of the largest holding LVMH, creating luxury goods.

About the brand

In 1860, in the Swiss city of Saint-Imier, 20-year-old Eduard Hoer opened a workshop that eventually turned into a successful watchmaking company.

A successful businessman was an innovator, the author of manypatents and inventions. It was he who replaced the winding key in the clock on the head. Edward Hoher made the first pocket chronograph, and in 1914 - his wristwatch version in a silver case.

The fateful year was 1916, when the firm TAG Heuer patented the "Micrograph". This clock first measured time with an unimaginable accuracy of 1/100 of a second.

The company did not stop there. In 1969, the Microtimer was created with an accuracy of 1 / 1000th of a second.

Today TAG Heuer is on the fifth place in the world on sales of Swiss watches. The introduction of technical innovations and the combination of innovative and classical design made this possible.

The history of the brand is connected with travel. TAG Heuer watches measured the time aboard the Zeppelin airship during the first trans-American flight. Time of Trip mechanical chronometers were used during the round-the-world flight to Graf Zeppelin.

TAG Heuer watches also visited in space. They were on the hand of astronaut John Glenn, when in 1962 he circled the Earth's orbit three times.


Strict quality standards in force in the TAGHeuer, guarantee high reliability and durability of watches. Return of products, according to the company, is less than 1%. Today TAG Heuer is a watch, customer feedback about the quality of which is very high. The model, which is purchased from authorized dealers, provides for an international guarantee for a period of 24 months.

The company's service centers are located all over the world. Their staff consists of more than 500 highly qualified specialists.


1. Grand Carrera. Hours of the "Premium" class, imbued with the spirit of motorsport.

Continuation of the traditions of creating classics, which has already become history.

2. Monaco. The legendary clock is out of time. Steve McQueen wore these.

In the case of the bold square form Monaco - a vivid example of modern classics.

3. Link. Progressive design in avant-garde performance.

Watch Link: a sample of comfort and ergonomics, received world recognition. They are unmistakably recognizable by a stylish bracelet with S-shaped links. Charismatic, sporting, unique.

4. Aquaracer. Watches, maximally adapted for extreme conditions of water sports

Functionality, strength and accuracy are qualities that they fully possess.

5. Formula 1. The collection is the result of TAG Heuer's fruitful collaboration with the F1 McLaren team.

TAG Heuer watches reviews

When making watches, onlyhigh-quality materials and technologies for decoration of parts. All watches are equipped with sapphire glasses with double-sided anti-reflective coating. Sports models TAG Heuer - watches, reviews about which champions write in the record chronicles.

Women's models, decorated on the dial and bezel with diamonds of the Wesselton category, accompany their charming owners on their way to the heights of world sports.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches deserve to be more detailed on this collection. Its history dates back to 1964.

Grand Carrera

The collection is built on five calibers.

Caliber 36 RS. The first mechanical chronograph is accurate to one tenth of a second. Novelty - the rotating scale Caliper. It allows you to instantly read the measurement result. The watch's mechanism is a certified chronometer. The creators of the caliber replaced the arrow pointers to the disk, which are made in the likeness of indicators on the instrument panel of the car (the system of the Rotating System). The second hand moves with an interval of one tenth of a second.

The back cover with two windows, closed with a sapphire crystal, is fastened with six screws. Tachometric scale on bezel. The case is stainless steel or titanium.

Completes the image of a chronograph bracelet or belt made of black rubber or an alligator skin.

Caliber 17 RS2. Self-winding chronograph, Rotating System. Calendar of the month. The mechanism is a certified chronometer.

The back cover with two windows, closed with a sapphire crystal, is fastened with six screws. Tachometric scale on bezel. The body is titanium.

Caliber 17 RS. It differs from 17 RS2 only in case material and bezel. They are made of stainless steel.

TAG Heuer watches

In addition - the finish of the skeletonized rotor and overlaid parts on the dial: the pattern "Geneva waves", the engraving of the inscription "TAG Heuer - Caliber 17 - Swiss Made".

TAG Heuer watch original

Caliber 8 RS. The mechanism is the certified chronometer C.O.S.C. with self-winding.

Additional functions are the calendar of the month of GRANDE DATE and the GMT scale.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches

Rotor: the pattern "Geneva waves", engraving "TAG Heuer - Caliber 8 - Swiss Made".

Caliber 6 RS. It differs from 8 RS with additional functions - the calendar of the month number and the current counter of seconds on the rotating disks of the Rotating System.

Watch TAG Heuer Monaco - this is the second legend of the brand. Like the Grand Carrera, represent the world of motorsport.


Collection in 1969, opened the first in the worldchronograph with waterproof case. In 2004, the world was presented with a revolutionary model. It was the chronograph Monaco V4. The mechanism was supplemented by a belt drive and a tourbillon. He made a splash in the circles of specialists.

TAG Heuer Monaco watches

The new collection of Monaco continues the tradition of the legend TAG Heuer.

Characteristic features of watches from the collection:

- the design of the winding (transfer) head reproduces the appearance that was inherent in the first TAG Heuer models;

- manually applied to the arrows and hour markers the phosphor provides an excellent readability of the dial in the dark or under water;

- in the upper part of the dial - the logos MONACO and TAG HEUER.

Men's collection Monaco

Caliber 12. Chronograph with self-winding, 59 stones. Functions: side second hand, minute counter and calendar of the month.

Two versions: standard and limited edition, dedicated to the Automobile Club "Monaco" (ACM).

Caliber 36. Certified chronometer with self-winding. Additional functions - chronograph.

TAG Heuer Monaco watches

The appearance of the watch is inspired by the world of auto racing. The mechanism of shocks and vibration protects the dynamic shock-proof system, the elements of which look like car shock absorbers. A large sapphire back case with the inscription "MONACO TWENTY FOUR" opens the look of the original rotor, reminiscent of the shape of the wheel of a racing car.

TAG Heuer Monaco watch
The shape ends with the number "24" in memory of the legendary race "24 Hours of Le Mans".

Caliber 12LS. The avant-garde chronograph with a linear indication system (LS), perfected in the spirit of the 21st century.

Caliber 6. Self-winding, the number of stones 27-31. Lateral second hand, calendar of the month.

Women's collection Monaco

Presented by stylish square models withquartz mechanisms. The watch is equipped with a side second hand and a double date indicator (GRANDE DATE). Case - polished stainless steel with matt edges. Water resistance - 100 m. The watch is encrusted with diamonds of the Wesselton category. The dials are made of metal or natural mother-of-pearl. Elegant strap made of alligator or python skin.

Replica watches TAG Heuer

The abundance of copies of models of the legendary brand, often bashfully called replicas, is an additional proof of its popularity.

Without going into the technical subtleties of the differencesoriginal Swiss watches and their copies, it is necessary to pay attention first of all to the price. TAG Heuer watches (original) cost from several thousand dollars. If you keep in mind the legendary models, replicas of which are in great demand, prices are higher by an order of magnitude. Therefore, the offer to purchase a TAG Heuer watch at a price of up to a thousand dollars should be regarded as an offer to buy a good imitation.

If you still have doubts about the authenticity of the purchased TAG Heuer watches, the following features should be borne in mind:

1. On the dial of the original watch there are inscriptions and signs:

- an invoice with a logo;

- name of the collection;

- designation of caliber;

- swiss made;

- If the model uses a mechanism - a certified chronometer, there should be a marking of "CHRONOMETER" and "OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED".

TAG Heuer watch original

In addition, depending on the presence of self-winding and additional functions, the corresponding inscriptions can be applied: AUTOMATIC, CHRONOMETER, GMT, GRANDE DATE.

2. The manufacturer applies the classic methods of decorating the cases (satin), the details of the mechanism and the dial ("Geneva waves"). Self-winding mechanisms use skeletonizing of rotors and their engraving, for example "TAG Heuer - Caliber 1887 - Swiss Made".

3. On the hands and hour markers of the dial is applied a phosphor. The color of the composition should be identical. The presence of unevenness, streaks, bubbles is not allowed.

4. Overhead signs on the dial, labels, inscriptions and numbers occupy the place they have been assigned. In the copy, some asymmetry of the elements is noticeable, they have deviations from the correct position.

5. On female models with diamonds, attention should be paid to the type of stones and their attachment. The stones should be clear and sparkle in direct sunlight. Cutting is ideal when viewed in a magnifying glass. Mounting is reliable, the depth of landing is the same. Stones should have the same size and a uniform color. The documentation for the watch should include a certificate for diamonds.

If you still have doubts, go to the officialsite of the company, which has high-quality photos of models. Compare the clock with the enlarged image. They must be identical in the smallest detail.

The last word in determining the authenticity of the watch belongs to the master in a certified service center.

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