The teeth are chopped: how to relieve the pain? When does the child have teeth?

All young parents face largeproblems when their baby's teeth are chopped. "How to relieve the pain of crumbs?" Is the main question that daddies and moms ask. Of course, some children experience this period almost painlessly. However, most babies suffer from pain and other unpleasant sensations.

teeth are chopped down to ease the pain

What happens when a child's teeth are torn

Most parents panic when they are smallbegins to cry, but the cause has not yet been revealed. To understand when a child's teeth are chopped is not at all difficult. The gums turn red and swell, the skin of the cheeks gets a painful blush, sleep is disturbed, the appetite disappears, there is a constant desire to bite or suck. In addition, the baby can dramatically change the mood, while in an excited, then in a depressed state.

However, the worst thing for parents is the first teeth. After their appearance, all these symptoms are on the decline.

tinged teeth medication

When teeth appear

The very first are the lower central incisors. These teeth appear after three months (most children - about six months).

the teeth are chopped
On the upper jaw, the central incisors growbegin at the age of six to nine months. After them, lateral incisors appear - at ten to twelve months. As a rule, a year the crumb has eight teeth already. Although less or more about any deviation in development does not say. Each child has individual characteristics of the body.

Further everything passes almost painlessly. However, this is not for long. The most terrible period is the appearance of fangs - about a year and a half. The nerve, responsible for the reactions and movements of the upper part of the child's face, is right next to the site of loosening of these teeth.

By the age of two eight teeth are already on each jaw, by three years - ten. This is the so-called complete set. Substitute molar teeth will be in seven-eleven years.

Why does the child hurt so much?

Of course, there are not many pleasant experiences. In addition, when the teeth of the baby are cut, this does not mean that the next day will not be followed by the following. In addition, often their eruption is accompanied by a high fever or diarrhea.

Although many pediatricians in the relationship of datasymptoms and the appearance of teeth do not believe, since they are not so often manifested. Therefore, experts advise to get rid of these problems as from independent ailments. But do not forget that with a doctor with such symptoms still need to consult necessarily.

How to relieve pain

So, the baby's teeth are chopped. How to ease the pain, since it is present? How to get rid of irritability and nervousness? With the advent of the first teeth, crumbs are unsweetened. These feelings for the baby are new, because he can very much experience.

First of all, when the teeth are chopped,how to ease the pain, the pediatrician is able to tell. A doctor can offer many different ways. These can be pain medications or various means for lowering the temperature.

The child is often helped also by specialtooth rings, stimulating eruption and facilitating the general condition of crumbs. As a rule, they are made from hypoallergenic harmless silicone. The rings lie for a while in the fridge, after which they are given to the baby. However, they can also be replaced by refrigerated terry cloths, raw peeled carrots, frozen banana or cucumber. Do not just leave a crumb of one with these things. Otherwise, he may choke.

the teeth are torn
The skin of the baby should also be protected. On those parts of the body that come into contact with saliva, a special cream (around the neck, chin and thorax) is applied.

The child must massage the gums. In this case, you can use clove or chamomile oil, or wrapped in a piece of ice tissue. Good help and simple compresses with decoctions of medicinal herbs. To ease the pain in the gums, chamomile or oak bark will do.

A child needs to be more distracted and play with it. If you hold it vertically, picking up your hands, the pain will subside, since the flow of blood to the head will decrease.

It is necessary to be very patient, affectionate andcaring. Kroh at this time will need a lot of your attention. One should not allow him to cry and cry for too long, as this will deplete his nervous system.

A child needs to be given plenty of water,to compensate for fluid loss along with saliva. Well, of course, you need to monitor the temperature of the air in the children's room, maintaining it at the optimum level. The room should be regularly ventilated and dusted in time.

If you lose your appetite ...

Not only the temperature or nervousness of the childthey worry parents when their teeth are chopped. How to ease the pain, moms and dads are also easy to remember. But here what to do, if the crumbs disappeared appetite?

In this case, you can offer your baby a cold fruit puree or yogurt. This meal perfectly cools the gums and awakens the child's appetite. A delicious puree will quench his hunger a little.

Breasts or a bottle of sucking crumbs at this timeit is very difficult, because the blood, pouring to the gums, makes them much more sensitive. A temporary solution is a cup! However, quite often the child rejects everything that is offered to him. In this case, except that my mother's embrace and weasel help.

when a child's teeth are torn

Gels for teething

In extreme cases, you can also usemedications. When the teeth are chopped, the gel recommended by the pediatrician can be a real salvation. Such products contain an antiseptic and a local anesthetic, which allows you to simultaneously alleviate pain and prevent inflammation.

The gel is rubbed in small amounts in a painful place with a clean finger. As a result, for 15-20 minutes the gum dies. However, more than six times a day, the gel is not recommended.

when the teeth of a baby are cut
Breastfeeding should not be usedThe drug is just before the baby is going to eat. Otherwise, his tongue may become numb and suck it will be very difficult. Accordingly, the process of feeding will become unpleasant for both mother and baby.

Some parents also usehomeopathic balls sold in pharmacies. These drugs must be absorbed. There are also special tablets and powders. You can use them, but before that you need to make sure that they do not contain sugar. Otherwise, teeth will begin to decay from the very beginning of their appearance.

The use of paracetamol

What to do in the event that the crumbsIs the temperature too high? Doctors, when teeth are cut, drugs are not recommended in most cases. However, if the temperature is too high, it is better to try to give this drug. The medicine will bring it down and allow you to get rid of discomfort. The most important thing is to make sure that the reason is in the eruption of teeth. But it's better to consult a good specialist first.

How long do I have to suffer with my teeth?

Each child has a eruption processindividually, but to two and a half - three years, almost all children can boast a smile of twenty milk teeth. Although some kids and in three years they still do not have enough.

These are the first teeth in children. They will serve the crumb until they are replaced by the indigenous ones.

If the teeth are not cut

It will be necessary to worry in the event that crumbshas already turned a year, but the appearance of teeth can not speak. First of all, you need to contact the pediatrician. Perhaps, later eruption is an innate feature of the body, however, a specialist's consultation in no case will not interfere.

What can not be done

In a word, when the teeth are chopped, what to doparents, is very clear. But there are also things that can not be done. This, too, must be known. A child should not be fed fatty, sweet or salty foods. It is best to offer him rice porridge, boiled on water, drying, biscuit biscuits.

Alcohol and alcohol-containing preparations for gum massage should not be used. Analginum and aspirinum to accept the kid also it is impossible.

Immune system with eruption

At the level of immunity the appearance of teeth is not at alldoes not affect. However, saliva, formed in large quantities, begins to lose all its protective properties. Of course, the stability of the immune system is still partially reduced.

Thus, with a weakened body in the babythe temperature rises, there is indigestion, pain and other symptoms that the crumb meets when the teeth are cut. The photo below shows clearly how the child is suffering at this time.

first teeth in children
So, if after three to four months younotice your child's excessive irritability, increased salivation, tearfulness, a loose stool, if he constantly pulls something into his mouth, do not even doubt - his teeth are chopped. If there is no sign of the flu or ARI in the child, but the temperature rises above 38 degrees, you can also be firmly convinced that the reason is in the eruption of the teeth. It can be knocked down with an aqueous solution of vinegar (a tablespoon of vinegar for five tablespoons of water). This solution wipes the forehead, wrists, the internal joints of the elbows and knees.

Before going to bed at this time, you can give the childa little warm water with three drops of valerian. In addition to toothache, this solution also relieves of gases, fever, indigestion and a tendency to allergic reactions. This remedy is just a universal doctor!

Unpleasant symptoms are observed in almostall children with teething. The task of parents is to figure out how to deal with it. Given all the above recommendations, you can help your child with ease to move this difficult period.

And, of course, do not forget thatthe main thing for any problems is mom's caress, tenderness and warmth. It is mother's care that will best help the crumb survive pain and other unpleasant sensations. However, it's no secret that this concerns not only toothache, but also any other ailments ...

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