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Despite the fact that cats - one of the mostwidespread pets for centuries, between their owners and to this day do not cease to debate about the better to feed fluffy purring friends. Each owner wants his pet to live as long as possible and not be sick. That is why veterinarians primarily recommend special foods: dry and canned.

The most popular of all is premium cat food. About what it differs from other categories, as well as what kind of feed took first place this year, read below.

premium cat food

What is premium food?

Premium fodders for cats are made fromcarefully selected and environmentally friendly raw materials. For products of this class, there are their own, separately developed standards. They do not allow any kind of presence of soy and cereals, preservatives, dyes, which are so harmful to pets.

Premium feeds are full of all necessaryvitamins, their compounds and minerals for the full development and life of cats. In addition, such food has very nutritious properties, which significantly reduces the size of the portion of the pet, at the same time it completely allows it to be saturated. Any premium premium cat food is jointly developed by specialists and veterinarians.

premium cat food

Composition of premium food

The composition of any quality feed of this category, in addition to vitamins, should include the following components:

  • natural ingredients (vegetables, liver, meat, poultry, fish);
  • cellulose;
  • carbohydrates;
  • vegetable proteins;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • amino acids;
  • fatty acid;
  • various enzymes;
  • preservatives E and C.

All of the above ingredients not only greatly enrich the cat's diet, but also contribute to a good digestibility of the food consumed.

Recommendations for selection

Before buying premium-class cat food, it will be superfluous to examine its packaging. An undoubted signal to purchase should be the presence of the following symbols.

  1. Reduction of AAFCO (speaks about the maximum balance and nutritional product approved by the American Association for Quality Control).
  2. Specify a specific type of meat with a share equal to or greater than 25%.
  3. The presence of offal or fish as an additional source of protein is an ideal option.
  4. The recommended amount of daily portion (the smaller it is, the better).
  5. Adequate expiration dates (should not be too large or approaching the end).

Pets should never be givenfeeds, which contain: bone meal, chemical preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, corn or wheat flour, making up more than ½ of the feed volume.

Remember that the cost or publicityproduct is not an indicator of its quality. Not only will cheap food be eaten by your cat with no less rapidity, so it will also cause its digestive system and overall health irreparable harm.

premium premium cat food

Rating of feline premium fodder

This year, according to the reviews of the owners of cats, together with leading veterinary organizations, the following list of top-quality premium feeds was listed.

  1. Innova EVO.
  2. Orijen.
  3. Acana.
  4. Eukanuba.
  5. Bozita.
  6. Pro Plan.
  7. Bosch.
  8. Hill's.

The above brands are the most reliablecat food premium. The list can be continued, but after the 8th place there will already be products of the category "economy": Felix, Sheba, Gourmet, Friskies and Whiskas. To the premium, they have no relationship at all.

Feed for Innova EVO and Orijen

These products, occupying the first two placesrating, are classified as premium with the prefix "super". The producer of Innova EVO is Natura Pet Products (America), the second - CHAMPION PETFOODS (Canada).

Food for premium cats of both brandsabsolutely hypoallergenic, highly nutritious, when used, your pet is not threatened with urolithiasis. In addition, after these products, the cat does not have bad breath.

Both Innova EVO, and Orijen are quite expensive, and they can be purchased only in highly specialized shops, through intermediaries, the Internet.

cat food premium class list

Feed for Acana and Eukanuba

The food Acana is made in Canada is morequarter of a century. The composition of each line is optimally balanced and contains specially grown cultures known for their healing characteristics. Cereals in the composition of feed Acana are completely absent. The only drawback of the product is the lack of canned food in the assortment, so you will have to make sure that your pet's bowl is always filled with clean boiled water.

Eukanuba food is truly universal - it's fineis absorbed by any breed. Daily portions of Eukanuba for a medium-sized cat may seem unusually small, but it seems only at first glance: they will be enough to grab them, and your pet will please you with good mood and playfulness.

Feed Bozita and Pro Plan

Swedish feed for premium cats Bozitacan even be given to kittens: in its composition only fresh products, the proportions of which are detailed on the package. In addition, all products of Bozita necessarily pass state quality control, which significantly improves their reliability and distinguishes them from other fodder.

Products from another manufacturer, Pro Plan,are famous for a wide choice of tastes, and also for a variety: for kittens, adults, old and castrated animals. In the Pro Plan range there is also a separate line of special medical feeds.

Both Bozita and Pro Plan are very fond of cats, although they do not have artificial flavor enhancers.

rating of premium feline feed

Bosch and Hill's forage

This is a premium food, finishing the rating. Both brands can be bought in almost every store, which, however, does not reduce their status. Both Hill's and Bosch's canned forage are somewhat inferior in quality to dry ones - they are more fatty, so they will not suit lazy and inactive cats. In other respects, the quality of these fodders does not cause any complaints. The wool of the pets is glossy, there is no problem with the gastrointestinal tract, the stool is stable and of ordinary density.

In conclusion, it should be noted that, despitebrand feed, veterinarians recommend to select it strictly individually for each pet. Only in this case your cat will be healthy, full and absolutely happy.

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