Why there are pimples on the face of the baby

Since the happy day when the family appearedchild, the way of life of all its members dramatically and radically changes. Now all actions are directed to ensure that the baby was comfortable in this new world for him. However, even with the best care, a problem often occurs such as a pimple on the face of a baby. The reason for this is not always clear.

pimples on the face of a baby
In the womb, the baby's skin constantlyis in contact with water, and the changes that have come about lead to changes in the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands. As a result, pimples appear on the face of the baby. Causes and types of pimples can be different. In case you notice them in the first 3-4 days of a baby's life, then it's a millet.

The cause of their occurrence is a blockage of sebaceousducts, which is due to the fact that the functioning of the glands has already begun, and the output has not yet been formed, the consequence is the white pimples on the face of the infant that do not have inflammatory signs. In most cases, they appear on the face of the child. They do not give him any inconvenience, since they are not accompanied by itching.

Any treatment in this case is not required,except the daily care of the skin of the child's face. Milia will pass by itself, as soon as the cause of their appearance disappears: the sebaceous ducts will be completely formed. To help a kid get rid of them is not possible. Pimples on the face of a baby can be inflammatory. This is acne, or, as they are called, acne.

child allergies
Most often they can be seen on the face, but nottheir occurrence on any other part of a body is excluded. They are whitish pimples, surrounded by an inflammatory corolla, and can occur at the base of the hair follicle or sebaceous gland. Their prerequisites are hormonal bursts that occur in the baby's body.

In this case, the skin requires more carefulcare. When bathing, you can add a lot of infusion or chamomile. It is necessary to consult a doctor if the spread of pimples over the skin is rapid. If acne and milies do not appear in all babies, then with the case of the case is completely different.

It is a consequence of increased sweatingand overheating. If in the folds on the background of the red skin of the baby appears a lot of red pimples, then this is a sweating. In order for them to pass, you must follow all the rules of skin care. This place is treated with a powder in order to quickly save the baby from such a problem.

allergic rash in children
Allergic rash in children appears due tounfavorable ecology, the presence of dyes in the mother's food, preservatives, and many are also able to use a large amount of sweet food. Usually these pimples are small and spread along the back and belly of the baby. A lot of it disturbs the strong itch.

After the examination, the doctor appoints a certaintreatment. In case an allergy appears on the face of a child who is breastfeeding, the mother needs to revise her diet and exclude sweets and products that can cause allergies. If caring for the baby is organized according to all accepted rules, the above problems can be avoided.

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