The drug "Epin Extra": application of a biostimulator on your garden plot

Gardeners who are well versed inbiostimulants and various inorganic fertilizers, are familiar with such a drug as "Epin Extra". Reviews about it can be found in almost any forum dedicated to caring for the garden. But otherwise it is the case with inexperienced summer residents.

epine extra application

They often consider all, without exception, chemicaldrugs, including the "Epin" solution, harmful to their garden. Such people do not understand adaptogens and biostimulators of various origins, considering them a poison, and prefer to fertilize the garden exclusively with humus. Nevertheless, many of them can perfectly approach the drug "Epin Extra", the use of which will help solve a number of problems with your plants. And as with decorative crops, and with vegetable.

Means "Epin extra". Application of an adaptogen in your garden

This substance is a biostimulator created byin the laboratory. It has the property of activating plant immunity, contributing to the stress-resistance of trees and shrubs. It is proved that garden cultures are able to withstand an aggressive environment.

 epine extra reviews
And with such threatening crop phenomena asdrought, freezing and flooding, they are quite capable of coping, if, of course, they have good immunity - that's what will help improve the drug "Epin Extra". Its application raises yield by fifteen percent. Fruits ripen faster if the tree is sprayed with this compound. And the inoculum (corms and seeds), pre-soaked in "Epin", differs increased germination. Seedlings are rooted faster, the root system develops more powerfully and the plants develop an excellent immunity, which subsequently protects them from sudden temperature changes. And this is not all the advantages of the "Epin Extra" means. The drug is able to breathe new life into adult plants that have already begun to age. With its help, they form numerous new shoots. I must say that not only the drug "Epin Extra" is not toxic. He also actively influences the fact that the content of heavy metals and nitrates decreases in the plants that he processed. Due to what is provided so wide range of the drug? It includes epibrassinolide - this substance is synthesized by Russian scientists. It is able to actively influence biological processes in all parts of the plant. And if the tree or shrub can not cope with pests, it is better not to poison it with an abundance of chemical preparations, but use the "Epin" remedy to activate natural immunity. In all cases without exception, there is a positive dynamics.

epin solution

The drug "Epin Extra". Application and dosage

In one ampoule of the drug - about forty drops. It is enough for breeding in five liters of water - this is the standard proportion, which should be suitable for almost all crops that grow in your garden. If you want to prepare a solution of "Epin" in advance, then know that it will retain its properties for about two days (but not in the sun, but in a cold dark place). Although when used on the same day, its chemical activity is slightly higher. Exceed the dose is not necessary - if you want to intensively treat your plant with the drug "Epin", then you need to observe regularity in processing.

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