Rodion Pronin in the program "Battle of Psychics".

December 19 in the air of the channel TNT came penultimatethe release of the program "Battle of psychics". This time the participants of the 16th season had to figure out the mysterious disappearance of Rodion Pronin, 27, who for mysterious reasons disappeared completely from his car. Presumably, the guy was heading toward the capital, notifying his sister about his immediate absence, after which the mobile phone, with which Rodion Pronin practically did not leave, was inaccessible.

Searches for a Tulian guy

Rodion Pronin
After a week of waiting, the family rushed tolooking for a young guy. An application was filed with the police and volunteers were connected. During the search, the personal belongings of the missing were found, as well as a mobile phone with a missing SIM card. A little later, law enforcement agencies found a BMW car belonging to the missing Rodion. Eyewitnesses claim that strangers left the car by the wayside.

Relatives were sure that Rodion Pronin stillis alive until the investigators summoned them to identify the remains that were supposedly owned by the wanted guy. In parallel with this event around the district, rumors spread that a similar guy was seen in the suburbs in a state of amnesia.

Not knowing what to believe, the guy's parents turnedon the transfer of "Battle of psychics" with the hope of shedding light on the mysterious disappearance. Together with his family on the set delivered a BMW car in a dark blue color, in which Rodion Pronin left before the disappearance. Also, the finalists were issued a white envelope with a photograph of a young man.

Disappointing prediction of psychics

According to the strongest participants of the project "Battlepsychics, "Rodion Pronin was killed, and well-known participants told that the guy was involved in an unpleasant story, and his friends took part in it.

Battle of psychics Rodion Pronin
The guy was stabbed alongside his ownthe car as a result of a fight. Merlin Kero claims that the remains of the guy have already been found. Despite the verdict of psychics, parents do not lose heart and believe that their son is still alive. The investigation continues. According to preliminary data, Radion worked as a bartender and had a wide circle of acquaintances who can have the necessary information.

Signs Rodion

The guy is athletic. I'm 27 years old. Gray eyes, hair is dark-brown, short. Height - 185 cm. The size of shoes is 44.

Special signs: a dragon tattoo on his left hand, a scar in the nose bridge. Was wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans.

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