Do you want to know what you dream about crying in your sleep?

In a dream, a person is able to experience all the samefeelings and emotions, as in reality. There are often cases when sleeping people laugh, talk, and sometimes even cry. This means that they dreamed something that at night made them relive the day's emotions. But sometimes the tears are shed not by the one who is in the arms of Morpheus, but by the one who is in his sleep, like in yavu. But why cry in a dream? Let's turn to the dream-books.

what do you dream about crying in your sleep
If you look into the dream book, ("Why dream of crying?"), modern interpreters say that if you cry yourself in a dream, it can mean that emotional stress is waiting for you soon. It can be both negative and positive, carry unbridled fun and serious experiences. In this case, you should be careful with alcohol - it is most often and provokes a surge of such emotions.

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Another explanation of what you are crying aboutin a dream, is the prediction of events related to the family. It says that if someone sees a crying vision, then something important is waiting for him, which soon will happen to his relatives or friends. Also, the dream book reveals the veil of secrecy over what it dreams to cry sobbing. This is evidence of the soon-to-get important message. But it's only unclear whether it will be bad or good - here, as lucky. The probability of both outcomes is absolutely equal.

"Juno's Dream Book" gives a slightly different interpretationthe one to dream about in a dream. According to his version, this indicates the imminent emergence of a reason for joy, success in business, the dispersion of clouds overhead and other joyous events. Especially if the dreamer is crying. But to see yourself crying is bad: it promises troubles. But, if other people are sobbing, it is a sign that great happiness will come to your house, which fate tells you to share with your friends.

what does a crying girl dream about
Another interpretation of what we dream aboutsleep associated with the dead. If a person who has already died sheds tears, this promises a quarrel, however, frivolous and shallow. If the hero of sleep is also destroyed, it is a symbol of well-being.

But the "Dream Wizard" does not favor a person,who cries in a dream. He describes him as weak and defenseless, unable to resist the blows of fate. He claims that such people like to grieve over their failures and complain about the fate that pours on their heads more and more troubles. But the person restraining tears, according to this dream book, likes to hide his emotions and does not take them to the public.

Why does a crying girl dream? Most often to good events. If the young lady is familiar to you, then luck and joy it promises both you and her. But if the girl is unfamiliar, and even more so, if she is ugly and thin - this means that you are waiting for extremely unpleasant news. And vice versa - a beautiful and neat plax is the messenger of good news in the future. But to wipe her tears - means that there may be a break with your loved one. And vice versa - the laughter over the weeping girl foreshadows the strengthening of real relationships in matters or in love.

So, if in a dream you are destined to cry, this is not an excuse to get upset. Rather, on the contrary, it means in your life more good than bad. Let the tears remain only in the visions!

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