Cancer: compatibility with other signs

Many people believe in horoscopes. It is especially important to know not only the characteristics of the sign itself, but also how it is compatible with the rest of the Zodiac.

Horoscope Compatibility: Cancer

cancer compatibility

Aries. For many Rakov, the first sign of the Zodiac is unnecessaryloves adventure. In addition, Aries can have a more traditional outlook on life. This can be a problem, even if a strong attraction arose between these signs. Over time, a strong Aries can provoke Cancer into jealousy or offend with a sharp word. Aries may not like the proprietary tendencies that Cancer has. The compatibility of these signs is quite unpredictable, and marriage is rarely successful.

Taurus. Both these signs are very sensual and do not need any extraneous interests to satisfy the needs and whims of each other.
Taurus can always catch the mood of Cancer and smooth out sharp corners. In turn, Cancer is responsive and attentive to Taurus. In general, this union can be called quite successful.

Twins. The uncertainty of Cancer can become even more acuteagainst the background of sociable and loving attention Gemini. And those, most likely, will come to the indignation of the jealousy that Cancer will constantly experience. Compatibility of these signs can be quite successful, if each of them takes emotional qualities of each other.

Cancer. These partners are too similar to becomehappy with each other. Excessive sensitivity will constantly lead to emotional problems. And although initially their relationship may seem ideal, to create a happy union will have to try to both of them.

a lion. This sign can counterbalance the mood of Cancer. In addition, he is very generous in emotions, which will create a sense of stability in the Rakov. However, he must constantly go to meet Leo, because he just needs constant admiration and domination. If Cancer can constantly find compromises, then marriage can be successful.

horoscope compatibility cancer
Virgo. By its nature the Virgin provides the basisthe strength of this union. They perfectly complement each other, restrained Virgo and emotional Cancer. The compatibility of these signs is quite successful, it is important only that their shyness does not let them both get bored.

Libra. Stable Scales often can not standchangeable character of Cancers. In turn, the Cancers are constantly worried about their union, worrying about the affection of Libra. Such an alliance can take place, but not the fact that the marriage will be successful.

Scorpio. The strength and desire to dominate inherentScorpio is just what Raku needs. They create an excellent harmony, because in these relations, Scorpio will answer for passion, and for sensuality Cancer. Compatibility of these signs is successful, and the union can be happy and long.

Sagittarius. These signs are too different and oppositedesires and goals. Sagittarius is too active and lives for today, while Cancer tries to take care of its future. Especially difficult and complex is the connection of these signs, if Cancer is a woman. Compatibility in this case is difficult to predict, too vague prospects for this union.


cancer female compatibility
This sign can not give those relationships thatRaku is needed, because he has too many other different interests. Nevertheless, there is a very strong attraction between these signs. Communication will be successful until the practicality of Capricorn is not boring Raku.

Aquarius. Easy to lift Aquarius can leaveunsatisfied needs of Cancer. The thing is that Aquarius often frees himself from any emotional obligations that Cancer so cherishes. Compatibility of these signs, perhaps, will be successful at the beginning, but soon this union is likely to disintegrate.

Fish. In the intimate terms, this pair is very good. They are both affectionate, responsive and able to support each other constantly. Quarrels, if they will, are small and short. An ideal relationship and a happy marriage.

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