Compatibility - Libra and Cancer

If you look at the compatibility horoscope, Libra andCancer has nothing to do. Their union is subconsciously built on the calculation, or inevitably eventually comes to this. They are so unlike that they can only conjure up two feelings - curiosity or dislike. Nevertheless, this union has good chances for a long and fairly successful existence. What keeps these people together?

Compatibility - Libra and Cancer in Communication

Both signs know how to adapt admirably tocircumstances and people. Cancer is well versed in the psychology of others, and Libra can very accurately adjust to the mood of others. In this matter, they understand each other and actively support such principles.

Cancer attracts in the partner extravagance andbrightness of the image, and Libra likes that Cancer seeks material well-being and a successful career. Libra is very productive use of this practical calculation in building a family. This sign can beautifully and brightly spend the money earned by the husband.

Only one presence of Libra makes Cancerto reconsider their views and slowly change, even painful and difficult. But Libra, too, are forced to adapt to the lifestyle of a partner, so as not to wither in his shadow. In a loving relationship, this can lead to a divorce, and in friendly communication will help develop weaknesses and become stronger.

Compatibility - Libra and Cancer in Love

In this area, absolutely incompatiblequality of partners, because Libra - a fresh wind of change, and Cancer symbolizes the permanence of the family hearth and the strength of conservative foundations. Libra is an openness and ease of life combined with detachment and harshness, and Cancer is calm, secretive and slightly amorphous. He loves loneliness and is focused on his inner life, and Libra does not imagine himself without a rich communication, where everything is parade. These signs really live in different worlds.

Compatibility - Libra and Cancer in the family

In this family, traditional roles can be confused. If both partners are carried away by career growth, then there is simply no one to support the warmth of the family hearth. Therefore, they will be able to save the family and create household comfort only if they clearly agree, who is responsible for what. These roles they must strictly follow, eliminating from the family life the struggle for leadership. Any move away from the established scenario will lead to a string of exhausting conflicts, because both Cancer and Libra know how to keep the defense.

Libra man and woman Cancer

In this alliance, the main thing is to allowto remain oneself. They hold a lot of things together: the admiration of the man with the beauty and high emotionality of her partner will allow her to plunge into the attractive atmosphere of gallant and gentle courtships, which in general will ensure high compatibility. Libra and Cancer should agree not to pull the blanket over themselves to give each other some degree of necessary freedom.

Conflicts can begin when a woman Cancer willis forced to make decisions in the family, because her partner in important matters can hesitate and hesitate for a long time. Her reproaches in passivity and inertia can encourage sociable Libra to spend free time outside the home.

Cancer-man and woman-Libra

This union can be met quite rarely, although theircombines romanticism and sentimentality. They can spend hours talking about their feelings, about the rudeness of the outside world, and even begin to consider each other as kindred souls. Horoscope Libra and Cancer shows that they are good at dreaming, but too inert to realize their dreams. If the relationship is material calculation, the union will last much longer and will be stronger. Otherwise, Cancer and Libra will be satiated with romance and will go looking for their own happiness on the side.

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