Gemini and Aries: Compatibility in Marriage

It also happens that fate suddenly reducesamong themselves representatives of completely opposite elements, such as Air and Fire. These two elements are Gemini and Aries. The compatibility of these signs in love is 51%, but the difference between them is colossal. Aries does everything as he pleases, in addition, he is also aggressive. Gemini can scare it.

Gemini and Aries Compatibility
Gemini and Aries. Compatibility: female-Gemini and Aries male

The Twin Woman is fickle and frivolous. She is freedom-loving, loves to flirt, which often provokes conflicts, is vested with eloquence. In those moments when she feels that a partner treats her unfairly, it can hurt to "prick" him.

The Aries man is very energetic, impatient and jealous. He does not tolerate monotony in relations, wants to be admired, praised him, for which he is ready to perform more than one feat.

The Twin Woman values ​​the partner's dedication, stability and loyalty. She can easily provide the necessary Aries "shake". Both partners have a wonderful imagination.

This couple always has a lot of friends. The raging energy of these partners will make them constantly move forward.

Compatibility male-Aries female Gemini
Psychological compatibility: a man-Aries - a woman-Gemini

A man-Aries can irritate the frivolity and inconstancy of a Gemini woman. Her, in turn, can frighten off his excessive perseverance and determination.

In their relationship there will always be a smallrivalry. They are both cheerful and very fond of freedom. The Twin Woman has many admirers, and to surpass them all, the Aries man will have to work hard.

Because of jealousy, both partners can experiencedistrust, arrange surveillance, check telephone numbers. To preserve this union, each of them must learn to respect the right of his partner to freedom, without provoking another to quarrel.

Gemini and Aries. Compatibility in the upbringing of children

Both Gemini and Aries understand children perfectly,are excellent educators and have good taste. The heirs who are born with this couple will be very open, sociable and intelligent.

Compatibility Aries and Gemini-male compatibility
Gemini and Aries. Compatibility in the professional sphere

Representatives of these signs are best placedin the status of professional partners. Together they can roll mountains. Aries is creative, dynamic and creative. He was used to acting. True, he does first, and then thinks. Twins know how to prioritize and put everything in order. They can skilfully guide the actions of Aries.

Compatibility Aries and Gemini-male

The compatibility of this pair is not very good. During courtship, the Gemini-man is courteous and polite. He falls asleep beloved with flowers and gifts, but after a while loses his ardor and begins to irritate his partner. This union will last only if the twin partner fulfills all the whims of his spouse.

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