Dream: what does a black cat dream about?

Interpretation of dreams people have been dealing with since ancient times. Unusual objects, animals, or strange circumstances can have very different meanings and predict different events. For the interpretation of such visions, special books are used - dream books. And different publications can interpret different visions in completely different ways.

what does a black cat dream about
So, what does a black cat dream about? If this is your favorite pet, then there is nothing special about this. If you see a completely unfamiliar black cat, then there are several options for interpreting such a dream. According to the interpretation of modern dream books, it can be a harbinger of a close quarrel or even a fight. If in a dream the animal is moving towards you, then you should expect in the near future the appearance of an ill-wisher in your life.

If in a dream a black cat caresses you,then soon you will have to survive the misfortune. Loud mewing of this animal suggests that your partner's love for you is insincere. The question about what the black cat dreams about, the French dream book can most fully open. According to his interpretation, the appearance of this animal in a dream can mean treason. The French also believe that in the event that cats are fighting in a dream and one of them is black, a person will face trials in the form of a night robbery.

dreams with cats
Italians can also tell us what they dream aboutblack cat. In their opinion, this means bondage. Moreover, they interpret such a dream not only as a precursor to imprisonment, but also as a warning about the appearance in the near future of unrequited love in life, that is, capturing feelings.

However, the interpretation of what a black cat dreams about is notalways negative. According to the Assyrian dream book, such a vision can mean the fulfillment of all secret desires and hopes. In addition, the appearance of this animal in a dream can mean that soon a person will start to be helped by someone powerful from among the powerful of this world.

However, in most other countries, dreams with cats,and not only black, usually mean the approach of events that will upset the dreamer. Negative is not only the visions in which the sleeper manages to drive this animal away, kill him or otherwise avoid his attack. These dreams can be attributed to the favorable. Such visions foreshadow a quick release from enemies.

the secret of your dreams
If you see a white cat in a dream, it canmean that in reality you will not immediately see adversity coming upon you, and therefore you will not be able to adequately prepare for them. If a cat of any color manages to scratch you, it means that enemies will soon be able to deprive you of a part of their income. An otozhavschy cat can portend bad news from relatives or friends. Most likely, there was a misfortune with any of them. A dream involving a cat of any color and kind can also foreshadow the destruction of all sorts of commercial undertakings.

The secret of your dreams can be revealed whenuse of any dream book. In different countries, dreams with the participation of these lovely pets are interpreted differently. What kind of interpretation to choose depends only on the personal preferences of the dreamer.

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