Strong prayer for success in work

Most people are familiar with the feeling, when it seems,that a black line had begun in life, luck turned out treacherously, and all circumstances work against the desired goal. This is especially unpleasant when it comes to the material basis of life. After all, as you know, it's better to be sad with a full purse. To fix the situation, you need to take yourself in hand, tune in to the positive and begin to act. However, you can ask for support from above. Sincere, with faith, a prayer for success in work will certainly help. Especially for this, a few good examples will be given below.

prayer for success in work

Prayer for success in work and work

This prayer can be pronounced in any difficultsituation related to work. For example, for success in finding a suitable job. Or, if desired, move up the career ladder. It is addressed to the holy martyr Trifon. Therefore, it would be nice if you had his icon. However, this is not necessary. The main thing in prayer is sincerity and faith, and the attendant attributes play a role in the psychological adjustment to the process.

"Oh, holy martyr Christ Trifon! A quick assistant to Christians, I appeal to you and pray, looking at your holy image. Hear me, as you always hear the faithful, honoring the memory of you and your sacred death. After all, you yourself, dying, said that he who is in sorrow and need, will call you in his prayers, he will be freed from all troubles, misfortunes and unfavorable circumstances. You freed the Roman Caesar from the demon and healed him of the disease, hear me and help me, always and in everything. Become an assistant to me. Be my protection from evil demons and to the Heavenly King, the guiding star. Pray for me to God, may he have mercy on me with your prayers and give me joy and blessing in the work. May he abide by me and bless my plan and increase my prosperity so that I will work for the glory of his holy name! Amen!"

prayer for success in work and work

Prayer before going to work

Before the beginning of the work day, it is good to askblessing and help from above. For this, the following is a prayer for good luck and success in work. Reading it every morning will help you in the performance of your duties and prevent unpleasant events. In addition, it can also be pronounced before a business meeting and, in general, in front of especially important and responsible events.

"The Lord Jesus Christ, the beginningless Fatherthe only son! You yourself said, when I was among people on earth, that "without me you can not do anything." Yes, my Lord, I believe with all my heart and soul that you have said and ask for your blessings on my business. Grant me it without hindrance to start and safely finish for your glory. Amen!"

prayer for success and success in work

Prayer after work

When the work day ends, be sureyou need to thank God. By this you show your appreciation and provide new blessings in the future. Remember that a strong prayer for success in work becomes strong not from what words you say, but from the heart with which you approach the higher powers. If you treat the sky in a consumer way, then you will have the same attitude from colleagues and your customers. If you show sincere gratitude, then they will treat you also later. The following words will help you express your gratitude to Heaven:

"Having fulfilled my day's blessing and my work,O Jesus Christ, my Lord, I thank you from all my heart and sacrifice my praise. My soul glorifies you, O God, my God, for ever and ever. Amen!"

a prayer for success is good luck in work and with the authorities

Prayer for a successful career

This prayer for success in work will bring youmuch more than you think to get. The secret is that it implies not only well-being at work, but also a harmonious balance of professional activity and other spheres of life. It is also a prayer for success, good luck in work and with superiors. After all, a comfortable atmosphere in the workplace depends not only on good work, but also on relationships with management, both business and purely human.

"Like the Star of Bethlehem, the wonderful spark of yourspatronage, O Lord, let my path enlighten me, and with the good news, may my soul be announced! I, your son (daughter), call you, God - touch the hand of my destiny and guide my feet along the road of well-being and good luck. Send me a blessing from heaven, O God, and fulfill my life with a new meaning and clear light, so that I can acquire the power of true life, success in today's deeds and future labors and not have barriers under your blessing hand. Amen!"

a strong prayer for success in work

Prayer for good luck at work

Sometimes it happens that everything seems to be good, but there is literally a little bit of luck. The prayer for success in the work, which is offered below, will help to correct the situation:

"O Lord God, Father of Heaven! You know how to follow me in order to bring forth the good fruits of my labors. Humbly I ask of you, in your goodness, in the name of Jesus Christ, direct my steps in your ways. Give me the opportunity to learn quickly and strive forward. Let me desire what you want, and leave what you do not like. Reward me with wisdom, clarity of mind and understanding of your will, so that I can move towards you. Bring me to meet the right people, give me the right knowledge, help me to always be in the right place at the right time. Do not allow me to give up anything in any way from your will, and above all I ask you, to grow through my labors a good fruit for the good of people and your glory. Amen!"

prayers to the victorious victorious for success in his work

Prayer for success in work and work of St. George the Victorious

The next prayer, like the first in our review,is not dedicated to the Lord, but to one of the saints. The Great Martyr George is the person to whom the text of this prayer is addressed. George the Victorious for success in work can also be prayed, especially if your profession is connected with public service, since this saint of God is considered the patron of Russia.

"Oh, holy martyr George, a saint of the Lord,warm our intercessor and intercessor and always in sorrow fast helper! Help me in my true works, pray to the Lord God, grant me my mercy and blessing, success and prosperity. Do not leave me without your patronage and help. Help me to solve all the problems and to ensure the glory of the Lord to ensure the success of my work, get rid of quarrels, strife, deceit, envious persons, traitors and the wrath of the superiors. I thankfully bless your memory forever and ever! Amen!"


Of course, the best prayer for success in work -this is "Our Father," which Jesus Christ himself gave to people. It should also be read daily, both in the morning and in the evening. In principle, in the Christian tradition it is believed that this is the most basic and true prayer, which includes all our needs, petitions, and also contains gratitude and glorification of God. All other prayers are considered a kind of commentary and additions to it, revealing its meaning. Therefore, if you do not have enough time, you can easily confine yourself to this evangelical prayer.

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