Aquarius-man - Sagittarius-woman: compatibility and not only

Even if love has swept you from the crown to the tips of your fingers, no, no, and the question arises: how much a Sagittarius woman - a male Aquarius - is compatible in

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love, marriage? According to astrology, there are many factors by which one can judge whether the signs fit each other and in which sphere. Each sign is governed by a particular element (earth, fire, water, air). The compatibility of signs is to a certain extent based on the interaction of these elements. For example, an air sign gets along well with a fire sign. But let's take a closer look at the relationship Aquarius-man - Sagittarius-woman. Their compatibility is in many respects determined precisely as belonging to their elements. Aquarius likes everyone, he attracts people, he usually has many friends, as he is a reliable friend with whom you can safely share your feelings. The very same man rarely shares with someone his personal, preferring to remain silent and solve their problems alone. In a relationship, he does not know how to express his feelings, choosing a female companion who is emotionally not demanding and can become, first of all, a good friend. Aquarius prefers an independent and calm woman. If we consider the union of Aquarius-man and Sagittarius, compatibility is determined by the personal qualities of the latter.

What about Sagittarius in this pair? This woman is creative, adventurous,

Aquarius Male Sagittarius Woman Compatibility
enthusiastic and ambitious by nature. She is independent and loves to accept challenges from fate, realizing her dreams. She is insanely charming, benevolent and talkative, these qualities as no one else will appreciate Aquarius-man. A Sagittarius woman, whose compatibility with this man is determined by whether he will listen to her, whether she will give her the knowledge she wants to get, is quite demanding. The main task of the man in this union is to give the woman freedom, and she will necessarily reciprocate, warmly, caress and caring. What else can be said about the pair Aquarius-man - Sagittarius-woman? Compatibility of these signs astrology rates as very high. The elements of Air and Fire in most combinations give a strong alliance, no matter what plan it is. In her companion, Aquarius will be able to find all those qualities that she seeks in a woman, which will invariably lead to the emergence of strong
Aquarius man and Sagittarius compatibility

In the astrological union Aquarius-man -Sagittarius-female compatibility can be traced almost one hundred percent. The whole secret is that these two are able to give each other personal space and love at the same time. There is no jealousy in their relationship, but there is trust. Sometimes both can be quick-tempered, but the community of interests invariably leads to an equilibrium, peace and goodwill in the relationship.

So, if these two met in thisa huge world, they should do everything possible to stay next to each other. After all, more harmonious relationships in marriage, friendship, business are difficult to find. Their faithful companions are love, devotion, trust, granted from above.

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