Compatibility of the Aries-men and the Aquarius-women: is marriage possible?

Compatibility of Aries-men and Aquarius-women inlove is not very favorable. Marriages between these signs are extremely rare. At the first stage of acquaintance, when partners associate the acuteness of sensations and the desire for novelty, they can be very attractive to each other. They both love adventure. But the relationship will soon lose its meaning, as these signs quickly bore each other.

Compatibility of Aries of men and Aquarius women
Compatibility of Aries-men and Aquarius-womencould be phenomenal, as these partners are very active, dynamically developing individuals who have a great desire to build a happy future. If not for one "but". The stumbling block in such an alliance may be the unwillingness of Aries to provide the woman with the freedom needed by the Aquarius and the inability of the latter to ensure the need of the first in strong feelings.

This lover will not be bored, but their relationship will always be uneven. Both partners need to be stocked with angelic patience.

Union of Aries and Aquarius will be ideal if they both want to live a civil marriage. Marriage ties for these signs are an obstacle to their personal development.

Does Aries fit Aquarius or not? The answer to this question is ambiguous. It is very difficult for a woman-Aquarius to make any choice. She sees something interesting in everyone. She does not know how to distinguish love from infatuation, confuses her with friendship, but never mixes her with bodily attraction. This woman is looking for, most likely, an intellectual relationship, she dreams of a partner-friend, whom she sees in Aries. She is fascinated by the sincerity and naturalness of his behavior. She is sure that sooner or later she will still be able to convince this man of his own right.

Suitable for Aries Aquarius
The Aries man is recklessly and swiftly givenhis love and expects the same from his chosen one. He wants her to take his caress seriously and enthusiastically, but it is given to her with great difficulty. He wants her to remind him more often that she loves with all her heart and awakens in him the desire for deeds. The representative of the element of Fire must understand that this lady needs a certain independence in feelings.

Compatibility of Aries-men and Aquarius-womenhas under itself a background. It consists in the fact that the partners are in the power of the male planets. They can reward each other with kicks, or they can just be friends. Partners are able to easily express their feelings in words, so finding out the relationship will not be difficult for them.

Union of Aries and Aquarius
Both these signs are far from financial affairs. They can get lost in a world ruled by money. None of the partners are among the economical and rational people, so they must be cautious in their spending. Both of them are characterized by ill-considered purchases. They are better off entrusting their finances to an experienced person in this matter, because a lack of money can cause conflicts and quarrels.

The compatibility of Aries-men and Aquarius-women will be more harmonious if partners find common interests.

True, the raging temperament of the fire sign and its need for explosive feelings can become explosive for this marriage.

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