Horoscope compatibility: Cancer and Libra

Speaking about the compatibility of Cancer and Libra, we note thatthis pair has almost nothing to bring them closer. The truth differences between these signs can become for them both repulsive, and attractive factors.

Cancer and Libra
Cancer and Libra have completely oppositeviews on the reality surrounding them. They pursue different goals. In sex, this couple is unlikely to achieve harmony, since Libra loves the thrill, while Cancer is not able to become an ardent lover in a moment and forget about everything. His world is full of illusions and fantasies about what is happening around him, so he is cold, indifferent to others, immersed in himself.

Libra can not be treated with understandingchangeable moods of his partner, who will be constantly offended by emotional indifference to his problems. They also will not like that Cancer is constantly jealous of them, because Libra is very fond of having fun and attending various events, and Cancer always chooses to stay at home.

Compatibility: Man-Libra and Cancer
Common to these signs is that Cancer and Libra is easycan adapt to the people around them or the situation. Cancer perfectly understands others, knows how to feel them, can support at the right time with deed and word. Scales are able to catch the subtleties of what is happening around, can quickly get close to any person and cause his confidence.

Under the influence of Libra, Cancer will have to change, thatwill be painful and difficult for him. It's good that he can adjust himself to a partner. He will have to work very hard to have a certain income in their house.

Libra man and Cancer
Family life can become very painful for them. Cancer and Libra should in no way confuse roles in the family way of life. One of them should earn money, and the second - take care of the family hearth.

Cancer and Libra, concluding marriage by calculation, will achieve the desired goals. A marriage of love between them is doomed.

Compatibility: Male-Libra and Cancer-Woman

The Cancer woman is very romantic and sentimental. Love is most important for her. She wants adoration, fervent confessions and feelings. The Libra man will admire the beauty and tenderness of this woman. He will be impressed by her ability to feel, empathize, rejoice and despair. The Libra man is gallant, modest, tactful and cheerful. These features will attract his chosen one.

Joint living will bring into their livessome problems. The Libra man loves communication and outings, and the Cancer woman is the home. To be with this man, Cancer woman should not restrict his freedom, and he, in turn, should devote his free time to home and joint hobbies. Before entering into marriage, a male Libra and a Cancer woman should discuss this.

In this pair, each partner expects from anotheractive actions, and he prefers to stay away. This union can consolidate real actions, but none of them wants to commit them. The reason for this is not laziness, but the lack of desire to go forward. Each of them wants to be pushed to action, stimulated and supported by a partner, while he himself would be on the sidelines.

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