Aries and Libra: compatibility of opposites

It is difficult to find two less similar signs than Aries andLibra. Their compatibility in different spheres of life ranges from low to medium. Aries - hot as fire, daring, active, warlike. The scales are elegant, diplomatic and charming. They live at different rates and understand each other poorly. Where Aries is used to solving issues by force, Libra will conduct endless negotiations.

scales and scales compatibility


In love with the Aries-Libra pair, the compatibility of signs at first may seem very high.

Both are bright extroverts, they adore being in public. Between them, passion can break out, a fatal attraction of opposites. Looking at the dignity of a partner, they are more sensitive to their own shortcomings. Aries is fascinated by the delicate refinement and refined speech of their beloved, and Libra admires the energy and inner strength of Aries. They can be very happy to be together, their sexual compatibility is high.

As a warlike Mars and gentle Venus, they canquickly exhaust the relationship. Equal partnership is very important for Libra. For Aries, there is no "we" in the relationship, the world should revolve only around it. This greatly damages the gentle soul of Libra, besides, they quickly get tired of the cocky character and stupid straightforwardness of Aries.


Compatibility of Zodiac Signs Libra-Aries in Marriagecan be called good, if it is a question of two mature persons. They harmoniously complement each other, their relations are built not on passion, but on friendship and mutual trust. For a successful life together they need to work hard on themselves, learn to make compromises. If they combine their strengths, then the family will become just perfect.

Aries Scales Compatibility Signs

Prisoners in their youth marriages between these signsoften fall apart from the wild egoism of Aries, who does not want to listen to anyone but himself. Over the years people change. Aries become calmer, having learned, at last, to restrain their mighty temperament. The balance becomes more responsible and collected. Unfortunately, these qualities are not possessed by more young Aries and Libra.

Compatibility in the work

Aries all easier to make yourself, Libra used toto work in pairs. However, these two can work together perfectly. Aries' stubborn movement towards the goal and diplomacy of Libra can make them successful and successful partners, especially in small and medium-sized businesses. Libra excels in marketing, Aries is able to quickly develop a client base.

If it is not a partnership, but a "boss-subordinate" relationship, how will Aries and Libra behave? Compatibility strongly depends on which of them is the main one.

If in this union the Aries takes the leadingposition, work together they will be very comfortable: Libra works perfectly in a team and masterfully resolves any disputes, and Aries is a generous and grateful boss who can quickly make difficult decisions.

If the chief is Libra, he will have to put up withconstant encroachments on his chair, delays and criticism. Aries should be praised and encouraged, then they will show both the miracles of efficiency, and the flight of creative thought. If you load them with routine and make comments, Aries will stop working at all. Scales can hinder the progress of Aries on the career ladder, considering the latter is not smart enough.

compatibility of zodiac signs scales aries


Can Aries and Libra be friends? The compatibility of signs in this plan is not large. The scales are very cautious and slowly go on rapprochement, and Aries are used to letting the friends give themselves to them without a trace. It is rather a friendly relationship, sometimes flowing into an affair, if it is a question of a man and a woman. They can willingly entertain themselves and travel with pleasure, they will be cheerful and comfortable, but they will not go for serious risks for a comrade.

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