How to evoke spirits

Is it known to anyone in fact, do you haveman's soul and where does it go after his death? On this occasion, arguments will never abate, but still ... All people are physiologically the same. The only thing that men differ from women by sexual signs. Otherwise, all the organs are the same. And, nevertheless, despite this, each person has his own unique character. What makes us so different with virtually the same physiology? Perhaps those who claim that the body is just an earthly, visible shell that is used

how to evoke spirits
souls for their unfinished business in past life. How much in this case there are invisible souls around us, who, perhaps, are waiting for their time to be reborn in human form? And many of us, suspecting that there are many of them, want to look into the future with their help or to take an interest in answers to other questions.

A lot of people among those who, allegedly, cancause spirits and come into contact with them. Well, it is possible that they really know how to do it. Sessions of spiritualism - a very popular way to communicate with the souls of the dead. Often people do not even think how dangerous it can be. Being interested in how to evoke spirits, they are just looking for entertainment. Meanwhile, this mystical process must be taken absolutely seriously. Then the chances that the spirit will come and tell anything without deception, much more. It is also necessary to know that at the end of a session with the spirit one must say goodbye. It can also happen that you are not the one whom you are calling, but some inferior entity whose task is to intimidate you and mislead you. Without saying goodbye, you risk "podsadit" this entity to yourself, and remove it from you will not be easy.

But if you are not afraid of anything, and the question of how to evoke spirits has long troubled you,

evoke spirits
you can spend a seance. Usually for these purposes use a special plank or a saucer with an arrow that moves in a circle drawn on the paper. This option is appropriate when the spirit is caused by several people.

If you are alone, you can use"Simplified" version of how to evoke good spirits. To do this, it will be sufficient to have a standard sheet of paper, on which you need to draw the largest possible circle. Next, draw a circle on the sector. Their number should be as follows: 33 letters of the alphabet + digits from 0 to 9 + sectors "yes" and "no" = 45 parts. Try to ensure that the "yes" and "no" sectors are a little more than others.

how to evoke good spirits
A dish with an arrow will be replaced by an ordinary sewing machineA needle with a black thread threaded into it. Its point should rest in the very center of the circle, and keep the needle itself under a slight slope. Try to keep the hand still. Tune in seriously and cast a spell three times to summon spirits. Remember it uncomplicated: "The spirit of the elder evokes the spirit of the younger." Say this phrase three times, ask if the spirit has come. If you come, the needle in your hand itself will turn towards the "yes" sector. You can start asking questions, but it's not superfluous to be interested in the "personality" of the spirit itself.

After the higher power responds to all yourquestions, be sure to thank her, even if she told a lie. So the spirit will understand that in his services no longer need, and leave, not harming anyone. This way, how to summon spirits, is no less effective than the one where an oyster board or a saucer is used, but not so terrible.

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