Are Scorpios and Pisces Compatible?

When there are two watermarks, whichPisces and Scorpio, they attract each other like a magnet. Often, Scorpio and Pisces understand each other with a half-word, whether colleagues at work, friends or a married couple. Often, it may appear that there is a kind of telepathic connection between the representatives of these signs. For example, the Scorpio mother always feels when her child-Pisces is in danger, and the chief-Fish understands without words the cause of the strain of the subordinate-Scorpio.

If you look horoscope compatibility, Pisces and Scorpio literallyare created for each other, they are connected by an enviable and rare unity of interests and aspirations. And, it may seem that the joint life of partners is deprived of any difficulties, but it is not so. The problem in this pair is still there, and this is a problem of the strong and the weak. At first it may seem that Scorpio is stronger in such an alliance. At least, at the first acquaintance with the fish, the scorpion thinks that he can easily swallow this "poor thing." But, in time, he will have to learn that in the competition for the most unexpected surprises, and in the contest for will power, few can compare with Pisces.

In addition, Scorpio and Pisces may not findcommon language and in terms of money. Typical Pisces, under the rule of Neptune, as is known, to the impossibility of generosity, and, they do not care who to give benefits to friends, relatives or strangers. Representatives of this sign rarely think about tomorrow, they generally tend to worry about others more than about themselves. Scorpio can be generous only in relation to loved ones, but with the others often sparingly. Driven by the constancy of Pluto, Scorpio is certainly trying to hide something on a "rainy day." Representatives of the sign can surprisingly accurately anticipate trouble and try to always be ready for them.

Fish are much less likely to worry aboutimaginary misfortunes, but to dissuade Scorpio is not an easy task. Often, Pisces is confident that Scorpio arranges a storm in a glass of water. Scorpio, as a rule, is more inclined to silence and reflection, Pisces likes to talk, although they also have periods of alienation and reflection. In other words, Scorpio and Pisces can start a relationship in unison, but end up in disagreements. But, fortunately, it is often the other way around.

Scorpio male and female Pisces

Relationships in such an alliance will be lengthy. Partners tend to support each other not only in personal relationships, but also in the profession and in creativity. Partners easily resolve arising contradictions. The role of the peacemaker in such a tandem, as a rule, is assumed by a woman. In the union of a girl-Pisces and a guy-Scorpio, as a rule, harmony reigns. A partner, struck by the tenderness and modesty of her chosen one, tries to protect and protect her in every possible way. But, do not forget that Scorpio is the owner, and will not tolerate frivolity in any manifestation.

The Pisces girl is devoted to her chosen one, it seems,as if she was overly flexible. Nevertheless, it is difficult to call it spineless, in a conflict situation it is aggressive and quick-tempered. Scorpio is for his partner a teacher and mentor, but the Pisces influence the partner, forcing him to be decisive and collected. In this case, the Pisces woman often skillfully manipulates the partner, turning any situation in the right direction. The partner should not forget that Scorpio will not tolerate excessive pressure, and may simply disappear forever.

The Man-Fish and the Scorpion Woman

Such an alliance can be called strong and stable. The partner in such a tandem is more passive and often becomes a slave. But Scorpio and Pisces seem to be quite happy with this state of affairs. Male-Pisces is a dual nature. On the one hand, he is prone to melancholy, on the other - constantly in the epicenter of events. He can not be called weak-willed, for in a critical situation his character is as powerful as Lion's. In addition, the male-pisces is a skilled manipulator, which allows him to control others without making any special effort.

But the powerful girl Scorpio in part of the intrigues is notis inferior to his partner. She is attracted by the softness of the chosen one, although, in her heart of hearts, she considers this feature rather a drawback. The relationship of this couple can often resemble a detective story, in which partners are constantly watching each other. Nevertheless, the male-Pisces is able to soften the uncomfortable nature of the partner. In general, such an alliance will be successful. They are both dreamers and like to indulge in long periods of time, with the only difference being that while a man thinks about the details, a woman will easily realize dreams into reality. Scorpio and Pisces will be loyal to each other. And, if both make an effort to avoid a routine routine, the union will certainly be happy.

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