1990 - the year of the animal in the Eastern calendar?

Everyone is simply obliged to know how tomore interesting about yourself and your life. For this there is a huge number of different ways, one of which - horoscopes. They can tell a lot about something and even suggest how to act correctly in this or that situation. This article will be interesting for those who were born in the year 1990. The year of what animal this is and what it will give a man - this will be discussed later.

1990 of which animal


It is very important to properly identify with youranimals, according to the eastern horoscope. After all, not all people know that the year for such a calendar does not begin on January 1, as we have, but since February 4. That's why people born in the first January month of the year, while they are not yet Horses, are Snakes. It is worth remembering such a rule in order to correctly read your description and not get confused in numbers.

About the horse

So, the year 1990. What kind of animal does he represent? It's the Horse. However, they are - Horses - are different: water, wood, etc. This year is the Horse of Metal. The main features that will distinguish such people are courage, determination in their actions, straightforwardness. Such persons will build their own lives themselves, solving problems and solving them without difficulty.

Very much do not like Metal Horses, when in theirlife interferes with others. For this, you can even pay the trust of such a person. However, despite everything, the horses of this year of birth are not without charm. They can be without problems in the companies of people, lead an active social life and try to occupy the leading positions.

horoscope 1990 of what animal

Main characteristic

So, knowing the 1990 year of which animalrepresents according to the Eastern calendar, it is worthwhile to say a few important words about how these people can be. So, this is from all sides active personalities. Sitting at home is not for them. They need freedom, they should show off, even if they do not consider themselves too attractive.

The horse will always have time for any party (leteven look there for five minutes), on any meeting or gathering according to their interests. Since these people like to be in the spotlight, they are often good speakers and are able to attract public attention to their person. Also, various disputes and discussions are not alien to them. Horses, as a rule, remain winners in such colloquial battles.

1990 of which animal compatibility


As for mental development, these people aretheir nature are intelligent. They are able to quickly and easily absorb the information consumed. They are excellent pupils not only in school, but also in other educational institutions. Often Horses have many different certificates and diplomas for their educational activities.

In addition to easy learning, such people are quite easy and in their adult life, because they quickly learn everything and can practice almost any business that they are ready to learn.

About the character

So, we already know the year 1990 of which animalis. What can be said about the character of such people here? They have a rather ardent temper, and outbursts of anger are absolutely not alien to them. And although they mostly last a short time and pass fairly quickly, often a horse can regret what he has said and suffer a long time in this matter.

Also these people are quite versatileinterests, they can deal with many things in parallel, succeeding in all matters. It is noteworthy that interests can radically differ from each other: it will be knitting and rock-climbing, enthusiasm for quilling and car racing. However, as soon as the Horse finds an occupation for her, she will cease to search further and will stop on this matter, perfecting only in it.

In addition, such people can simultaneouslyparticipate in many different kinds of actions and projects, sometimes not coping with part of their duties simply because of the lack of time. It is also important to say that they are freedom-loving, independent, loving to be masters of their lives. However, despite this, the horse necessarily needs the support of relatives, it is very important to feel the native shoulder and know that you can always rely on him.

What else can the 1990 year of birth say, that is, Year of the Horse? So, these are people who often achieve their goals, tirelessly following the dream. However, if the horses do not rest, they risk quickly becoming tired and losing interest not only in the goal, but sometimes even in life. Failures such people do not tolerate too well: they fall into depression, they think that the world has stopped on this. However, if there is support, the Horse quickly copes with the problem and follows. Otherwise, the depressed state may be delayed. Therefore, such people are very inclined to various bad habits, such as smoking and alcoholism.

1990 year of birth


Considering the horoscope (1990), whichanimal represents this year, it is important to separately say a few words separately about the male horses. So, they are workers in any sphere of life. However, in the family they will demand that all the same work - no one should rest. Often because of this, such men seem to be despots or too strict fathers and husbands.

Also, do not mock the Horse, leteven not maliciously. For this you can get a hoof in the back. It must also be said that such a man will never go to a stronger opponent, really assessing his chances and not wanting to remain a loser.

year of horse 1990


Women born in the year of the Horse (1990) arestately ladies who know their own worth. These girls are often proud of their appearance, even if it does not meet the standards of beauty. Women-Horses believe that to achieve their goal, you can use any methods, the main thing for them is the result.

It is also important to say that such ladiesare stubborn by nature, which often plays with them a cruel joke, turning around against them. Children Mama-Horse are very fond of. But only because she spends most of the time on herself, and for an extra share of affection babies often need to fight. Negative quality of such ladies: they never listen to advice and often do wrong, reaping after that the fruits of their actions.

1990 of whom


1990 year, that is, what animal does the eastern calendar represent? We already know that the Horse. It is necessary to say a few words about how such people build their relationships with others. So, these are excellent friends who are ready to help at any moment. However, in return they will wait for the same actions in relation to themselves. As for the sphere of love, the Love Horse can conquer the peaks and move the mountains. In this euphoric state, she is ready to do much, even to tolerate injections and insults from her dear man. In a marriage, Horses are often true to each other, but they will respond to treason in the same way, considering such behavior admissible.


We are going to go further into the question of whether 1990 is the yearwhat animal. Compatibility Horses with other signs - that's what to tell. So, the relations of such people with Koza will be very good. This marriage will be very strong, because these two will always be together and stand together on their own. As for the labor sphere, it is better for horses to enter into such relations with a Dog or a Tiger. The most negative will be the union of the Horse with the Rat. It will be especially bad for two women.

zodiac sign 1990 year


It is worth saying that for the Horse any will be goodactivity - both physical and mental. From such people, excellent politicians are obtained, because they are born speakers. Because a horse is a born egoist, it's good for her to open her own business and not share her offspring with other people. Only then such a person will be completely satisfied with his work activity. When making a career, the Horse will tirelessly follow his goal, step by step and gradually achieve the desired. Rarely such people will be given everything easily, in their whole life they deserve honest labor, blood and sweat.


It does not matter what a person's zodiac sign. 1990 year of birth leaves its imprint on all spheres of its activity. It is worth mentioning a few words about how people who are born in this period should have a rest. So, it is important to clarify that they do not know how to relax at all. Holidays for Horses - it's the same job, just a little different direction. They will always be on the alert, expecting that someone can compromise them or substitute them. And this horse is definitely not allowed.

It is worth saying that the best holiday for suchpeople - visiting various beauty salons, shops, saunas, i.e., places where you can bring beauty. After all, the appearance for horses means a lot. And over this, in their opinion, you need a lot and a long time to work. As for the choice of a place for rest, the Horse will rather go to the mountains than to the seas, preferring active leisure activities to the passive. Lying on the beach and just sunbathing is not for hard-working Horses. But to rush in full equipment to the highest mountain peaks - it's the most for such people here.

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