There are sweets in the dream. Sleep: chocolates, lots of sweets

Have you ever eat sweets in a dream? Perhaps, this is one of the most pleasant and "sweet" night visions. Nevertheless, it is not always worthwhile to take dreams literally. Sometimes, they can carry a deeper (or even opposite) meaning, and also contain omens and warnings.

eat sweets in a dream

Sonnik Miller

Miller is a well-known psychologist whoBased on his knowledge and observations, he developed his own dream book. Based on it, there is a candy in the dream means success in love affairs. In addition, your diligence and diligence will inevitably result in an improvement in the material condition.

If you were given candy in a dream, then in reallife should be more legible in new acquaintances. Most likely, among your environment will appear people who pursue selfish goals. If you give candy, then the business or personal relationship that you plan to start will turn into a failure.

a lot of candies

Wangi's Dream

Vanga believed that there are sweets in the dream - thisvery favorable sign. If they are pleasant to the taste, this shows your desire to self-development and improve your financial situation. Be sure that you will succeed. Nevertheless, if the sweet is bitter or spoiled, you should pay attention to your health.

Sweets are a pleasant dream. Chocolate sweets are evidence that in your environment there are only reliable and professional people. Cooperation with them will bring you career growth, as well as significant profits.

Dream Medea

Many sweets and other sweets symbolize thatthe fact that even in adulthood you do not lose childish immediacy and carelessness. This vision symbolizes the realization of a dream and the attainment of material prosperity.

The taste of delicacies is given great importance by the dream book. There are sweets with a pleasant scent, means to meet a reliable person with whom you can create a family or to conduct business productively. If the treat seems rancid, then your partner will disappoint you.

If a young girl sees in a dream a lot of sweets,then in real life, it will not cease from fans. Nevertheless, one should be very careful in dealing with them. Be choosy in finding your prince. If you dreamed of buying candy, you should expect guests. Most likely, in the near future relatives will come to you.

to dream about candy

Female dream book

Women are so mysterious and unpredictable thatfor them a separate dream book was created. There are sweets means a pleasant pastime with friends and family. If you try a lot of different colored treats, then you will find bright entertainment.

Delicacies - this is one of the most pleasant phenomena,which you can see in a dream. There are chocolate sweets means to be in good spirits. Most likely, in the near future you will be accompanied by luck and inspiration.

Buying sweets promises joy and pleasure. Nevertheless, if you can not decide on the choice of sweets, it reflects your indecisiveness and hesitation in real life. Think about what you want to achieve, and what you expect from relationships with others.

Not the most pleasant sign is the rejection ofgoodies in a dream. If you do not want to eat candy, you should pay attention to your health. First of all, donate blood to determine the sugar content in it.

to dream about eating chocolate candies

East dream book

The wisdom of the East helps to give answers to anyquestions. To dream a candy means that in the near future you will have interesting events, meetings with friends and entertainment. Nevertheless, if the treats turned out to be bitter or sour, you should be careful not to get into an unpleasant situation.

If in a dream you cook candy yourself,then in real life you are a self-sufficient and successful person. Without anyone's help, you will achieve your goal. Nevertheless, you should be careful, because many people will want to take advantage of the fruits of your work.

To dream of candy, which you someonegave, means that soon you will have a fan with serious intentions. If you give sweets, it promises you love and the desire to create a family. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to be more attentive to your chosen one, so as not to be disappointed in the future.

what does it mean to eat chocolate sweets in a dream

Modern dream book

Modern life in everything makes its own adjustments. And even in the interpretation of dreams. Delicacies are associated with joy, fun and pleasant emotions. What does it mean to eat chocolate candies in a dream? This is a sign of well-being and longevity. If you are currently sick, this dream promises you a recovery.

Multicolored lollipops or sweets in bright wrapsportend a strong jealousy. Most likely, your soul mate is surrounded by too many beautiful and interesting people, in which you see a potential threat.

If in your dream you put candy wrappers from sweetsin a secluded place, in reality you should reconsider your attitude to money. Most likely, you are prone to pathological accumulation. In this case, you deny yourself the pleasures.

sleep chocolate candy

Romantic Dream Book

Consciousness of a man in love is cardinallychanges. And even his dreams begin to take a completely new meaning, which is necessarily associated with romantic feelings. So, there is a sweet in a dream with a pleasant and rich taste means a happy and carefree life with your chosen one. If the delicacy turns out to be sour, then the relationship will bring you only disappointment.

If in a dream you bought sweets, then soon youget a nice gift from your second half. If the sweets are wrapped in shiny paper, then, most likely, the surprise will be very valuable and costly.

If you unfold the wrapper in anticipationsweet taste, and it turns out to be empty, then this is an illustration of the disappointment in your relationship. Apparently, you are too idealizing the object of your adoration, but soon all its shortcomings will be revealed.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

Freud invented his own theory, in accordancewith which all human motives and aspirations are inextricably linked with sexual instincts. That is why his dream book draws attention to the intimate sphere.

There are in the dream sweets in large quantitiesmeans that in real life you are very light-minded about sexual relations. You are driven solely by the desire to have fun, but about the possible consequences you do not even think about. Perhaps it's time to start behaving more wisely.

If you buy in the store a box of chocolates, then inreal life you have many partners. In this case, you have no serious relationship with any of them. If one of the sweets is different from other wrappers, shape or other signs, then you are close to making a final choice.

dream book eating sweets

Esoteric dream book

Interpretation of sleep largely depends on whether it wason a candy wrap. If yes, then most likely, people from your environment treat you insincerely and pursue selfish goals. If the sweets in the dream were without a candy wrapper, then you can be sure that you surrounded yourself with loyal and reliable friends.

If you dream a lot of small candy, then youIn the near future we will have to experience many minor but very pleasant events. If a large candy, then you expect some great joy, success in business or a valuable gift.

If you are trying to eat a candy in a dream, but shecrumbles and crumbles, you should reconsider your life values ​​and landmarks. Most likely, secular pleasures, entertainment and idleness - this is not what you really need.

If sweets were presented asgift, then you will become a victim of gossip and hypocrisy. If you saw a particular person who presented you sweets, in life you should stay away from him at a distance.

Many empty candy wrappers from candies are a symbol of that your efforts do not lead to the desired result. It is possible that it is time to change the profession to a more interesting and profitable one.

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