Compatibility of Aquarius-men and Gemini-women in various spheres

Gemini and Aquarius are representatives of one element, Air. This largely determines their relationship, because elements of the elements invariably combine in

compatibility of male and female aquarius
Characteristics of signs, forming something in common. Therefore, the compatibility of the Aquarius male and the female twin is possible not only in friendship and cooperation, but in marriage and love relationships. Sometimes this couple can form some kind of non-standard marriage, in which various secrets of a love and intimate plan will prevail. But it is worth fearing that for excessive "airiness" and carelessness, signs will forget about the vital side of life, that is, about material goods. This side of both, unfortunately, is not too developed.

Are Aquarians suitable for the Gemini, you ask? As a rule, love between them arises at first sight. But this does not mean that they attract each other in a similar way. Rather, such rapid relations contribute to the development of creativity and spiritual growth in each of the partners individually and in the pair as a whole. But sometimes the compatibility of an Aquarius male and a female twin can be under attack, this is most often due to the freedom-loving first and excessive contactness of the second.

Are twins aquarius

Sometimes it seems that Aquarians are a little crazy. Of course, in a positive sense. Twins, like no other, this is noticed, because they themselves are just such. Both signs adore to speak with riddles, confuse the interlocutor and express hints. In this case, Aquarius is not very fond of talking, he repeats his abstruse phrase only once, while the Gemini is willing to practice word-work without fatigue. Compatibility of the Aquarius male and the female twin is also determined by the fact that both are completely open in communication, alienation and secrecy are alien to them. Due to this feature, they are able to feel each other well. Gemini and Aquarius consider marriage from about one point of view: lack of any restrictions and complete trust in each other. They are tuned to the same wave, feel the same and experience, they are not afraid of the eccentricities of each other, and the ability to subtly feel the desire of a partner will make this marriage not only strong, but also happy.

twin and aquarius marriage

The only stumbling block in so much,it would seem, an ideal relationship can become a petty lie of Gemini. Aquarius will wait until the partner comes to the uselessness of petty lies. As for business relations and doing business, it's better for signs to work separately: no matter can survive a double portion of windiness and carelessness. If the partnership is inevitable, it is better to choose the sphere of activity that involves more traveling, business trips and travel. Only in this case the compatibility of Aquarius-men and Gemini-women, their interaction will be the best. The originality of Gemini thinking and the freedom of Aquarius can play into the hands of both partners and business in general.

When the relationship is broken, the two maintain friendly relations. Sometimes, when there is no longer the power to love, it is replaced by a less expensive emotional friendship.

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