Look through the dream book. Ears in a dream. Why do you dream about ears?

Joy or sadness promises a dream,What does it warn the one who sees it? Find the answers to these questions will always help dream book. Ears, most travel guides around the world of dreams associate with the information that the owner of sleep should get. However, the secret meaning of the picture seen at night depends on details that are important to remember.

Esoteric dream book: ears

This guide to the world of dreams offersThe original interpretation of the dream, in which the organ of hearing appears. What exactly does the dream book say about this? Ears are dreamed of someone whose secrets wake up trying to find out ill-wishers. Care must be taken, otherwise the enemy uses the information received in order to do harm.

dream set of ears

If the ears are dreamed of by an entrepreneur, he shouldto think about whether his conversations are not auditioned by competitors. This is especially true if the dreamed organ of hearing had an unusual size or shape. If the ears seen in nighttime dreams belonged to another person, the eavesdropping device can be installed in the service room. It is also possible that a spy working for a competing organization is working in the company. Finally, a dream may indicate that in reality his master is afraid of promulgating dangerous secrets.

Sonnik Miller

What is the meaning of the dream, in whichIs this organ composed by Miller a dream book? Ears that belong to another person, should be regarded as a symbol of danger, especially if such nightly dreams disturb the rest of the man. In real life, the owner of sleep can become a victim of other people's gossip, and the rumors spread about him will have nothing to do with reality. The result of the actions of ill-wishers can be a conflict with a friend or the second half, the consequences of which will be very unpleasant.

dream book

If the fair sex is dreamingown ears, in reality they should trust the chosen one more. Scenes of jealousy, which have no basis, can lead to cooling in the relationship, do not exclude the gap, which will be very painful.

Size matters

What other details do I recommend to pay attention to?Dream Book? The ears seen in a dream can have different sizes. If they seem to the dreamer to be too young, he should prepare for a series of new acquaintances. Most likely, new people will long stay in the life of the master of sleep, can even turn into his friends or friends.

dream book

Should I be afraid if my ears are large? Yes, since such a dream signals a threatening danger. In the near future, the reputation of the person to whom they dreamed may suffer. Infamy will be the result of intrigues of insidious enemies who hide their true face.

Whisper in your ear

What other stories decode dream book? The ear can dream a representative of the stronger sex, if in reality a new love connection awaits him. This is relevant in the first place when a man sees himself whispering in someone's ear in nightly dreams. The girl with whom he is already familiar will most likely be interested in his interest. Perhaps, the dreamer simply does not notice her sympathy. The affair may be fleeting or grow into something serious.

dream ring earrings in the ears

How to explain such a dream, if it seesthe fair sex? This is a warning that the girl's relations with her best friend have deteriorated, which may try to avenge real or imaginary offenses. If, in nighttime dreams, someone whispered secrets to a woman, leaning towards her ear, she should be wary of envy from her friends who are ready to betray her.

Kiss in the ear

It is not uncommon for such a plot of night dreams,What does the dream book say about this? Ears are removed from a man or woman - a factor that is important to consider, trying to solve this mystery. If a representative of the stronger sex in a dream kisses a lady in the ear, in reality he dreams of making love to her. The dream says that the object of adoration is already ready to surrender to the mercy of the winner, from the man only confident actions are required.

dream-book blood from the ears

The kiss in the ear, which is played to a woman, predictsthe deception with which the mistress of sleep is to face in the real world. The act of the second half is most likely to disappoint her. It is not excluded that the elect has a tendency to lie, not ready for a sincere relationship.

Dirty Ears

What other interpretations can the dreamer offer?Dream Book? Dirty ears, most travel guides around the world of dreams associated with deception. In the near future, the owner of sleep will face the lies of a loved one. He will succeed in revealing the deception if he relies on his intuition.

dreamy ears dirty

About "noodles on the ears" warns and the fly that has flownin ear. As in the previous case, good dreamers try to deceive the dreamer. Do not blindly trust people who are trying to defame another person. With the greatest probability, their words have nothing to do with reality.

What other subjects does the dream book cover? Cleaning your ears means dealing with other people's secrets. In real life, the owner of sleep is to learn the secrets of old friends who will change his opinion about these people.

Disease, pus

Is it worth it to fear the person who dreamed,that his ear hurts? Yes, since such a dream can warn of the imminent receipt of unpleasant news. Most likely they will be related to the professional activity of the host of sleep. It is possible that he is waiting for a reduction, demotion. To prevent such events, it is possible, if the dreamer takes time to take care of establishing relations with the leadership, to demonstrate his abilities and diligence.

dream book to prick ears

Also, the sick ear, seen in a dream, canwarn of serious health problems that the dreamer will soon face in real life. Be sure to make an appointment with a doctor if there are disturbing symptoms indicating a malfunction in the body.

Bad and that dream, in which pus appears from the ear. Such nightly dreams indicate a conspiracy, the victim of which will soon become their master. The result of intrigues of ill-wishers will be problems in the professional or financial sphere. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to prevent such events, so it's worth taking care to meet them fully armed.


Scary stories are also considered a dream book. Blood from the ears - what warn the dreamer of such night dreams? There is a high probability that a person will soon receive news related to the life of one of his dear people. If the bleeding was not accompanied by painful sensations, the news can be pleasant. If the owner of the dream felt pain, he should prepare for the bad news.

Strangely enough, the dream in which figuresA severed ear is not at all an evil omen. Such a plot only says that in the near future the dreamer will fall in love. And this feeling is not insured not only by single people, but also those who already have the second half.

Cut off the ear, which appears in the night dreams,indicates that a person can not get the information he needs. Also, sleep can be seen as a warning of deceit. The dreamer, to whom the ear is cut off in a dream, in vain will unsuccessfully try to unravel the plans of competitors, enemies.


Subjects related to ornaments are also being studiedany dream book. Earrings in the ears, which appear to a young girl, are considered a good omen. This indicates the appearance on the horizon of a man who will soon become her lover. The young ladies, who already have the second half, sleep with earrings promise expensive gifts from their beloved boyfriend.

What does the earring mean if it is in the earthe representative of the stronger sex? Such a dream can be seen by a man, if his feelings for the chosen one have cooled down. Cooling in relationships can be associated with gossip, the victim of which is the beloved. It is possible that they have nothing to do with the real state of affairs.

What do the earrings promise in your ears? Such nightly dreams predict unprecedented wealth that will come from an unexpected source. Achieve a success in the planned case, a person can in the event that he takes advantage of the wise advice of someone from his environment.

Manipulation with ears

Above are not all the interpretations thatgives a dream book. Piercing ears in nighttime dreams means that in real life a dreamer risks facing insurmountable obstacles. It is possible that he should postpone the implementation of the planned plans for the time being, having waited for a more favorable moment.

Entrepreneurs should be particularly seriousto relate to dreams in which they personally pierce someone's ear. Such a dream warns about the intrigues of competitors who are trying to destroy the case. To prevent this, a person can, if he is more attentive to the rumors that reach him.

Hair in the ears

What is warned about by a dream in which there ishair in the ears? It's bad if they fall out or the dreamer tries to pull them out. This is a warning that says that a person risks losing the chance that fate itself is ready to offer. If the dreamer simply sees the hair in his ears (his, others'), he is waiting for the opportunity to receive a large profit.

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