Who are mermaids and do they really exist?

A mermaid is an unusual creature with a humantorso and fish tail instead of legs. Their skin is snow white and white. Mermaids have a melodic and hypnotic voice timbre. According to legend, they could be girls who died before marriage or because of a broken love heart, as well as small, unbaptized or for some reason damn children. On the question of who are mermaids, some myths give the answer that they are the daughters of Water or Neptune and refer to the evil spirit.

origin of name

Mermaids prefer not only salted seawater, but feel comfortable in the fresh lake. The assumption of who the mermaids are and what the origin of their name is, is based on the etymology of the word "channel" - referring to the river bed, a favorite place for mermaids. These mythical creatures are called in different ways: nymphs, sirens, bathing suits, devils, undines, pitchfork.

Legends about mermaids

In the old days, people believed that communication with a mermaid -quite a dangerous thing. First she attracts a beautiful melodic voice, and then tickles to a faint condition and carries away into the abyss. There is a suggestion that mermaids hate hot iron, so, pricking this river nymph with a needle, you can save your life.

who are mermaids

The object of interest mermaids have always been men. It was believed that they did not touch the small children, and sometimes they helped the lost children to find their way home. By their whims could drown or, on the contrary, save a man in trouble. Also, marine beauties love bright things that they can steal or ask for. Mermaids live longer than humans, but they are still vulnerable, although the wounds on their body heal quickly enough.

Among the mermaid games is worth mentioning the entanglementfishing nets, the disabling of water mills, the heating of boats. The most active are these harmful creatures during the "mermaid week" in June, in the old days they called it the Trinity week. The most dangerous is Thursday, when swimming alone and in the evening is more expensive.

Are there any proofs of the existence of mermaids?

The question of who these mermaids are and whether they existthey are in fact, exciting the human imagination for quite some time. Although many deny the possibility of the existence of such beings as mermaids, unicorns, vampires, centaurs, there is still a belief in miracles in the human mind. Especially since the well-known saying "No smoke without fire" makes you think about the possibility of such creatures. After all, in the folklore of various peoples of the world there is a huge number of stories about naked seductresses with a fish tail.

Who are mermaids and do they exist?

With the advent of Christianity, the idea of ​​appearancesoul at the mermaid, if she forever abandons the sea and will live on land. Such a choice was rather complicated, rarely who decided on it. There is one sad story about a Scottish mermaid from the VI century, who fell in love with a priest and prayed for the acquisition of the soul, but even the monk's pleas did not persuade the sea beauty to betray the sea. Gray-green stones on the banks of the island of Iona are still called tears of a mermaid.

Lovely and terrible

The main source of stories about mermaids wereseafarers. Even the skeptic Columbus believed in their reality. When he traveled in the Guiana area, then, not knowing who the mermaids were, he told that he saw with his own eyes three unusual, but for some reason masculine, creatures with tails, like fish having fun in the sea. Or maybe it's just sexual fantasies, longing and dissatisfaction in love and affection for months of traveling seafarers? Then the stories about inaccessible and seductive sea seducers are quite understandable, and, looking at the seals, they imagined naked half-women, enticing them with magic singing.

who are the mermaids photo

The question of who these mermaids are and whether they existthey are even interested in even Peter I. Known is his appeal to the priest Francois Valentine from Denmark, who described one siren from Amboyna, near the island of Borneo. Fifty people witnessed it. He argued that if one should believe any stories, then only about these wonderful creatures.

Believe or not to believe?

Like modern stories about aliens,rumors about mermaids quickly spread after another sea voyage. There is no exact definition explaining in a unique way who those mermaids are. Photos that exist do not give a 100% guarantee of authenticity. The sea creatures of interest were not always described as charming nymphs, sometimes they were rather unpleasant and ugly creatures with large mouths and sharp, spiked teeth.

who are mermaids and how did they appear

In the Middle Ages, many European churchThe buildings were decorated with sculpted figures of undines. Few, of course, can honestly admit their belief in their existence, but still stories about mermaids continue to excite people's imagination.

Mermaids in the myths of the Eastern Slavs

The answer to the question of who the mermaids are and howthey appeared, can give the East Slavic mythology. Mermaids could become not only unbaptized babies, but also girls who committed suicide or were in a position. The process of birth took place already in the afterlife. In eastern mythology, the imaginary image of a mermaid was described as a nude or in a white shirt, an eternally young and incredibly beautiful maiden with long marsh-colored hair and a wreath on his head. At the same time, you can find in the popular beliefs a terrible and ugly image of this mythical character. Who is a mermaid? In the mythology of the Eastern Slavs, it seemed to be excessively lean or, on the contrary, with a large physique, large breasts and disheveled hair. This demonic nymph was always pale, with cold long arms.

who is a mermaid in mythology

Mermaids lived in deep ponds and swamps, andcertain sources indicate that they could also hide on clouds, underground, and even in coffins. There they were for a whole year, and during the Trinity Week, when the time of rye flow was coming, they went out to frolic and became visible to the people.

What threatens to get acquainted with a mermaid?

Who is a mermaid and what does she do, you can find outin the ancient epics, according to which they do not tolerate young females, as well as elderly people. But children and young men are attracted with charm and can scare to death, and can, after playing enough, let go home. It is necessary to beware of their charming voice, which has hypnotic properties. A person can stand still for several years, listening to mermaid singing. A warning signal of this singing is a sound reminiscent of the chanting of magpies.

Seduced by the unearthly beauty of a mermaid, you canto remain her slave forever. The people believed that someone who had known the love of undine or at least had kissed her, would soon become seriously ill or take care of himself. They could save only special amulets and certain behavior. Having seen the mermaid, it was necessary to cross himself and draw an imaginary circle of protection. Also could save two crosses on the neck, front and back, as mermaids are used to attack from the back. You could also try to brush off the villain or hit with a stick on her shadow. According to the old belief, mermaids hate the smell of nettles, wormwood and aspen.

Mermaid of a fairy tale

When talking about mermaids, it's impossible not toremember the tale of Hans Christian Andersen. The bold little mermaid saves the life of the prince during a terrible storm, and then makes an exchange with the wicked witch, having lost his magic voice and gaining the opportunity to walk. Every movement brings unbearable pain, but still without her voice, she is not able to conquer the prince. As a result, she loses the battle and turns into a sea foam.

who is a mermaid and what does she do

Cartoon by Walt Disney about the little mermaid Arielhas a more optimistic ending: "they got married and lived happily ever after." These so beloved fairy tales have woven into themselves a lot of elements from the narratives of these creatures. This is a captivating voice, and the choice of land or sea, as well as forbidden romantic relationship between a man and a mermaid. In the rest, of course, this is fiction, but as a result, a positive image of a tailed beauty developed.

Magic sirens are popular heroes in the folklore of different peoples and cultures, and interest in who are mermaids does not fade now.

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