What is Pokrov and how to celebrate it?

The Orthodox calendar contains manyholidays, each of which is associated with a certain significant event for Christians. Now many are interested in what is Pokrov and how it is better to celebrate this holiday. There are no special customs on this score. But, as on any other special day of the orthodox calendar, it is not worth borrowing it by household chores, washing, cleaning, sewing, etc.

history of the holiday

There is a legend that explains what the Pokrov is. It was on this day, October 14, in the middle of autumn, that the army of Rusich besieged Constantinople, the center of Orthodoxy. And then the inhabitants of the city begged for salvation. And the Mother of God came to help, covering all the townspeople with her veil. Thus they managed to escape from the bloodshed.

what is the veil
It is commonly believed that it was then that the losergovernor Askold together with his army took Orthodoxy and believed in the Lord's harvest. It is thanks to this legend that the Feast of the Most Holy Theotokos is celebrated on this day, a holiday dedicated to the events of that time. Therefore, this day is advised to spend cheerfully and in a good mood. Also recommend to visit the temple and pray before the icon of the Virgin Mary.

What is Pokrov, signs and beliefs on this day

It is believed that if an unmarried girl prayedbefore the icon of the Mother of God on the marriage, then the young one will soon meet the only spouse. A married woman, having prayed, will bring peace and quiet to the family. If on a holiday to bake thin pancakes and wrap their edges, then the house will be warm all winter. What is the Pokrov is the time when by the wind it is possible to determine what the weather will be in the winter: the southern portends heat, the northern one - severe frosts.

the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary
But if this day they play a wedding and gosnow, it is a very good sign for a new family, they are waiting for happiness and prosperity. Also on this day you can protect yourself from the evil eye, for this, in ancient times, old clothes were burned in the courtyard. It is believed that, by burning branches of an apple tree on that day, a person provides himself with warmth in the house.

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