What does a black rat dream about: the interpretation of a dream

Interpretation of dreams is a phenomenon that has occupiedthe best minds of mankind, perhaps all the time of its existence. Many famous people believed in the possibility of predicting future events, attaching great importance to dreams. Thousands of attempts were made to interpret the dream objects, and this is the basis for many different dream books. Indeed, some of them correctly predetermine future events, based on what the man saw.

be careful

If you black rat dreamed, it is worthpeek at once in a few dream books and compare the characteristics they offer. Because it is unreasonable to trust only one source, besides not everyone contains exhaustive information on this issue. A lot of dream-books give only brief, described in two words interpretations, which will not reflect the whole essence of future events.

what does a black rat dream about

Quite often the plot of sleep is difficult to interpret, notresorting to special literature. Few can explain the dream, in which the main character is the rodent in question, and explain what the black rat dreams about. Let's try to figure out what this dream is foreshadowing.


It is known that books that interpret dreams in different ways andoften contradictory, a lot. Therefore, only proven and best-known sources should be resorted to. For example, according to Miller's dream book, the rat is a symbol of dirty tricks. Therefore, to see a black rat in a dream - to the fact that someone from close people can prepare a conspiracy against you (plans to commit meanness). If you have caught and destroyed a rodent, then know that such a vision should be perceived allegorically. This means that you will win over ill-wishers or stop the machinations that are starting up against you.

to see a black rat in a dream


English dream interpretation treats differently to whatthe black rat dreams. It states that it denotes anxiety and anxiety, and a family man is threatened by the appearance of an opponent or rival on the horizon.

Symbol of wisdom

Anyway, most of the dream books are similarthe opinion that the rat dreams before a difficult and troubled period in a person's life. But there are also such interpretations that consider it a symbol of wisdom, cunning, that is, they perceive such a vision as a good omen. No matter what the black rat dreams about, it is worth determining depending on what the dream was about, what surrounded it, what events unfolded and what happened in the future. This is all very important. It often happens that not a particular object is dreaming, but a certain sequence of events associated with it. This should be taken into account when reading the interpretation of sleep. After all, the context has the same meaning as the central figure of the vision.


On the interpretation of sleep can tell not onlydream book. The rat in a black dream, according to many predictors, means friends, because any animal of dark color personifies close friends. But a more detailed interpretation is possible only when a person tells the entire vision in detail and in detail.

big black rat in a dream

Who dreamed a rat?

Most often, a dark-colored rat means thatsoon meanness or betrayal will be introduced into a person's life. After such a dream, you should be careful, leading spiritual conversations with family and friends, and be on your guard. If in a dream a person kills, drives a rat or gets rid of it in any other way, it means that soon it will be a triumphant victory over those who want to harm him. Intruders, however, are unlikely to get really sick. They simply will not have time to do anything wrong, and their plan will be safely exposed.

dream dream rat in black

In order to understand what the black dream is aboutrat, it is worth paying attention to who she saw it - a man or a woman. If such a dream was seen by a representative of the weaker sex, then it is likely that deception and meanness are waiting for her in a job. And they will be committed out of a sense of envy of colleagues. If the dream was seen by a man, it is likely that deception awaits him in love affairs.

If he is married, then there may be conflicts in the marriage,lie on the part of the spouse or another person involved in one way or another with this family. Perhaps the emergence of an opponent. And it's not necessarily a lover, maybe just a secret or explicit admirer of a spouse who will try to break a couple and win the heart of his wife.

Active actions on the part of the rodent in a dream - a harbinger of trouble (difficulties and illnesses)

Sometimes dreams frighten their plot. For example, it may occur that the animal bites or simply rushes to attack. If a man is bitten by a large black rat in a dream, then this may portend considerable difficulties in the future of family life and in the professional field. If it is small, then the difficulties will be insignificant. The same applies to the color of the rodent. A light animal will mean something completely different than black. If you dream that the rat bitten you, not someone you know, then most likely, he is seriously ill. Some dream predictors recommend paying attention to what part of the body the rodent is biting. This may mean that it is with her that there are problems and some disease will arise.

If the rat is not alone, then this dream can bodemisunderstanding in the family and a string of quarrels with close people. You have to be more careful in your statements and be more compliant. If you dream that a black rat is running away, by some sources it means that you could offend someone by words, and most likely this person will want to take revenge.


If you eat a rat in a dream, it can promise easy money in the near future, but they are unlikely to be much. In such cases, a person can, for example, find a wallet with a small amount.

black rat dreamed

Everything will be fine!

If a black rat is trapped, it means thatSoon you will find a man with evil intentions, who aspired to harm you, but did not succeed or could not carry out the plan. In general, this is a very good sign.

A little tip in the end

When you see a rat in a dream, do not immediately takethis or that interpretation as truth, because the interpretations can be contradictory. And remember: most often those events occur, on which a person accentuates his attention.

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