Why you can not take pictures of sleeping children - signs

There is such a belief, known from ancient timestimes, which says that in no case can the sleeping state of people of any age be photographed or imprinted in any other way categorically impossible! Because of this, many masters of this art do not practice shooting dormant people. Why do anyone need such a memory?

can I photograph sleeping children

The first superstitions associated with the photograph of a sleeping person

A large percentage of non-faithful personalities are trying to find the best answers to their questions. What is the reason for the superstitions about the pictures of the sleeping is unknown. Why can not we photograph sleeping people? At the beginning of the 19th century, a very popularThe last generation was the seizure of a deceased person in the form of a sleeper. This perpetuation was considered fashionable and was widely used. In addition, the deceased person was not removed in the coffin as a deceased person. In the photo everything had to look as if a person had fallen asleep and was sleeping sweetly. Different poses (even sitting on a chair), beautiful dresses and the necessary interior to create an atmosphere were required for this. And they were at that time almost all people who lost loved ones or relatives. Photographers among themselves called these albums "death books". It's scary and scary at least!

why you can not take pictures of sleeping people

Features of modernity

For us today, such tricks are considered wild andin some measure cruel to the deceased. Perhaps it is with this period and the moments associated with the custom not to capture people in a dormant state. Because immediately there is an association with death, which you do not want to call out.

Another option of why you can notto photograph sleeping children, many people say that it is possible for a posing person to self-indulge in misfortune and soon, tragically and unexpectedly, die. Thus, as if a call to death from the sleeping person shown in the photo is made.

Superstitions and predictions

It is believed that a sleeping person is justThe physical body, which for a while left the soul. Previously, sleep was called "small death." This meant that when photographing such a person, the soul is not able to protect it from the evil influence of otherworldly forces. And as a result, the body was exposed to the negative influence of bad energy.

why you can not take pictures of sleeping children

Previously, very strongly, in the opinion of the society of the pasttimes, the negative impact of mystical forces succumbed to children. As a result, a mystical concept of why it is impossible to photograph sleeping children has appeared. Such a picture contains a lot of different information, which in the literal sense of the word can be used against a posing person.

Corruption through photography

It was believed that since the advent of the shooting magicians,sorcerers, shamans curse, I spoil it with the help of photography. It was assumed that to use it in rituals, the images of sleeping people would be more successful for the sorcerer. Why be exposed to danger and fall under negative influence? If you believe everything that happened in the deep past, you can draw certain conclusions why it is impossible to photograph sleeping children. In modern times, virtually all cities of the world still have a large number of different fortune tellers and psychics who conduct all sorts of rituals using images of people. Although, it would seem, we live in the era of the greatest scientific discoveries, with the maximum level of enlightenment in previously questions of interest to humanity and inexplicable phenomena.

Photography is a great flow of information and energy

People with superpowers (mages, psychics,esoterics) with the help of photography can tell you in full and in detail about all past past, present and even tell the future. At least, this is the opinion of an unskeptic part of the population of our planet. And this means that whatever picture it is, it still preserves all the bioenergetics of the person who depicts it. Such a small piece with which you can cause irreparable harm to the person himself or his health. If you also get a picture that shows a sleeping person, then in this case his fate becomes more malleable and sensitive to an unexpected event or situation.

Answers on questions

Having received such volume of the necessary information on that,why you can not photograph sleeping children, you can come to certain conclusions. After all, children's energy, according to psychics, is much weaker than adults. This also gives us an answer to the question of why you can not photograph sleeping people. The right to decide is given to you, whose words and legends to believe and what to resort to.

why you can not take pictures of sleeping signs
Modern views on superstitions associated with photography

Modern moms - though not so superstitiouspersonality, like a hundred years ago, but still do not allow you to take photos of your children during sleep. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to photograph sleeping children will be different from everyone to whom you ask it. After all, every person perceives and reacts to circumstances in different ways.

Sleeping babies and photographing are incompatible things

A small child during sleep is verysensitive, and the slightest rustle can disturb, frighten him or even wake him up. Babies and babies have not yet formed their bio-field and energy. If you believe the signs, it is these cards that are the most sensitive and vulnerable in unfriendly hands. A bright flash from the camera, clicks and typical sounds can terribly frighten a child during when you try to capture it in an interesting pose. From this, it becomes immediately clear why one can not photograph a sleeping child. Because of one cute frame, you can solve the consequences for more than one hour, especially if your child suddenly woke up in a bad mood or worse - was scared.

why you can not take pictures of a sleeping child
You do not need to be superstitious and believe in everything.predictions in order to understand why one can not photograph sleeping persons, signs are a powerful thing. They did not arise just like that, but were formed over many years by many people. And even if you do not care about your personal destiny, you need to worry about your health and the future of your child right now. This is especially important if there are evil and unscrupulous people in your environment who are capable of causing harm by inflicting various kinds of curses or evil eyes on your child.

Why not take pictures of a sleeping child,probably already understood by all who read the information and arguments on this subject, given in the article. Adhere to such stereotypes or act in your own way - it's your business. But it's best to be careful once, and still follow the banal tips, than to regret the troubles arising from negligence and excessive skepticism.

why you can not take pictures of sleeping children

Is the sleeping person photogenic?

If one really believes in the fact that a personis completely helpless during sleep, then this is a good reason why you should not take pictures of the sleeper at all. Not every master will undertake to hold a session with a sleeping person, except for an experiment, a joke or a collection. Proceeding from facts and theory, it is possible to sum up preliminary, why it is impossible to photograph sleeping people, children including:

  • These photos are not always good, because the person is not set to shoot.
  • Probability of falling into the hands of a bad person.
  • A banal, albeit superstitious way to protect yourself from evil eye and spoilage.

Take photos in huge quantities, becausethey are the main source of memories related to pleasant moments. But try to avoid all the same, where you or your children are sleeping. Even in every lie there is a small part of the truth. No need to play with fate. It is better to skip a beautiful shot once than to cry about an unpleasant incident.

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