Compatibility of female Lion and Scorpio male: Queen-Sun and gray cardinal

horoscope Leo and Scorpio
The lion is a tsunami of magnanimity andregal generosity. It is the soul and heart of any company. When you communicate with the Lioness, periodically there is a feeling that you are watching a movie or a play. She thinks through her every move, her cue and her expression to appear in the most favorable light. This is the sign of the zodiac Leo. And Scorpio has a rather colorful character. He is a quiet and calm manipulator: he sits in the center of the web like a spider, and knows what thread to draw to get information, or to make others rake the heat with their hands.

The lion is a synonym for generosity. Money flows through his hands in a deep river. The Lion woman always looks amazing: expensive clothes, quality jewelry or jewelry, not cheap accessories. She can easily spend all that she has in her wallet in five minutes, but this does not mean that Lioness does not know how to plan her budget. In her handbag, she will stay in a taxi and the pasta until the next salary. Scorpio this attitude to money outrages. He is thrifty and prudent. The fact that Lioness squandered in a few minutes, he could live a week, not limiting himself in anything. At the sight of Scorpio, Lioness is a spender.

However, despite these contradictions, bothshows a horoscope, the Lion and Scorpio - an excellent pair. Relationships will not be romantic, they are more prone to pragmatism (thanks to the efforts of Scorpio), but they will satisfy both partners.

Compatibility of a female Lion and a Scorpion man

Compatibility of female Lion and Scorpio male insex is perfect. Lioness is characterized by sexual laziness. She believes that her body - and so a great reward, there is no need to bother herself with caresses. But Scorpio - a gentle and tireless lover, ready for experiments, selflessly exploring the boundaries of sexuality. The lioness for him is a guinea pig, and Scorpio does not object to her laziness. All that is required of her is simply to be in bed. Lioness with the same pleasure she brags to her friends about their stormy and varied personal life, significantly narrowing her eyes. She needs someone else's envy, as it confirms that everything that the Lioness owns is the best.

Compatibility of female Lion and Scorpio male inmarriage causes some doubts. These are two signs with very strong characters, and they are not ready to cave in under each other. Scorpio prefers to direct the energy of Leo into the channel that will be most productive for him. If Lioness feels that she is being manipulated and manipulated, a scandal can not be avoided. For Lioness, freedom takes first place in the value system. A certain stress can also cause traction

sign of the zodiac Leo and Scorpio
Lionesses to the attention of many men. To make her feel beautiful and beloved, she must adore and admire. Scorpio is a jealous owner. It is difficult for him to come to the conclusion that his woman's general adoration is worthless, and there's no smell at all here.

At work the compatibility of the female Lion andScorpio male gives excellent results. Lioness with her fervor and aplomb makes the senior management listen to her, pushes out funds for projects and does not require a big salary. Scorpio is a tactician. He will think through all the details of the workflow, skillfully use the strengths and weaknesses of employees and give each colleague the opportunity to show himself.

But the compatibility of the female Lion andScorpio male as friends is unlikely. He considers her to be a frivolous person, with whom it is best not to have any business. She very painfully perceives his caustic remarks and caustic remarks, as the lioness's pride is overblown.

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