Did you dream that you caught a goldfish while fishing? Find out what fishing is about.

In any dream book one can find the answer to the question "ToWhat does fishing look like? " The main thing is to correctly explain and apply this or that dream book, this or that value of sleep depending on the current life situation.

Family, gypsy or oriental dream book

If you take a family dream, then a burst of energy to youis provided in the case of observation of the process of catching fish. We saw a fishing net - you can safely go shopping, the main thing that in a dream the network was whole. If a torn network is dreamed, it is possible that the purchase will not meet your expectations. Leaving fishing without a catch means that your requests, wishes and dreams are too ambitious. Caught fish in a dream heralds a serious test, which you will be passed in case of maintaining an adequate and quiet state. Fishing hooks are a reminder that you yourself are the creator of your destiny.

A girl who saw a live fish in a dream can safelygo to meet new relationships, love promises to be happy. By the way, the same interpretation is also in the women's dream book. Live fish - to well-being, dead - to bereavement and sorrows.

According to the Roma dream book, caught fish promises a disease to one of your loved ones. To eat fish in a dream means to get sick yourself. And just floating fish, like in a family dream book, to success and joy.

According to the oriental dream book for a girl, fishing in a dream can mean fast motherhood, especially if there is a catch. If a girl in a dream, the fish still missed, then about pregnancy is yet to be expected.

Fishing for Freud

Looking into the dream book of Freud (it is also calledintimate dream book), too, you can explain the dream. To catch fish and catch nothing says the fear of a person being disgraced in bed. Especially it concerns those people who have encountered a failed attempt at the first experience of sexual relations. A man who enjoys fish in a dream, puts his satisfaction in the first place in sexual relations, and by and large does not care what his partner feels during sex. Freud in its own way explains and binds to what the dream of fishing for real life. Fishing in a dream means a person's inability to disconnect from everyday problems during intimacy. As a consequence, the inability to relax and enjoy, as well as the inability to please the partner. On such a dream should pay close attention, because this is the first bell that can be not only a flawed person in sexual relations, but also undermine your health.

But what's the dream of fishing for eroticThe dream book has a slightly different meaning. Good and romantic relationships, with those of whom you dream, portrays the fish floating in clear water. If the fish is swimming in muddy water, then the sexual partner, ideally suited to you, will not meet soon. The very process of catching fish in a dream speaks of the possible imminent offer of "hand and heart".

Herring, salmon or goldfish?

To interpret what fishing dreams about, you can still take into account the fish seen in the dream.

For example, salmon to achieve contentment. If an unmarried girl dreams, how she eats salmon, then this is to a successful marriage, joyful and carefree.

We saw a herring in a dream - expect financialproblems and prepare to spend a lot of energy on their solution, in the end everything will be resolved safely. Take a treat from a herring - then you will be deceived, treat yourself - commit a dishonest act.

If in a dream you are bitten by a pike by a finger, thenCare must be taken. But if there is a beautifully cooked pike on the table, then you should not be afraid of troubles and troubles, they will just bypass you. And by Freud catch a pike on a fishing trip to meet with an old friend who will surprise you with the changes that have taken place with him.

Trout is dreaming about well-being and growing prosperity. The main thing is that the fish does not fall off the hook in a dream, but happiness will not last long. To eat trout in a dream - to pleasant news.

Goldfish in a dream promises a pleasant and unforgettable adventure, and for a young girl it means marriage in abundance and a companion of pleasant appearance.

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