Dream: what does a goose dream about

what does a goose dream about
As a rule, for most people gooseis associated with a delicious festive dish. But it happens that we see this big bird in a dream. Let's figure out what to expect if the goose has a dream. For the interpretation of this dream, we resorted to the help of several of the most popular and trustworthy dream books.

Why Goose Dreams: An ancient French dream book

This dream book states that if in a dream youyou see geese, then absolutely meaningless and frivolous conversations and discussions await you. If you dreamed that you own a whole goose herd, then in real life you will find honor, respect and recognition from influential people. If in a dream you hear a goose cackle, then you will have success in business and material well-being. If you cut off your head, you will soon be able to find peace of mind.

Why Goose Dreams: Modern dream book

According to the interpretation of this source, goosethe cackling in a dream symbolizes future misfortunes. Dead goose is a sign of dissatisfaction and loss. To eat goose in food - to doubt. If you see walking on the grass or swimming on the river geese, then soon you will succeed in business. If in a dream you convoke and feed the geese, then soon you will acquire any property.

geese in a dream

Why Goose Dreams: Dream from A to Z

The geese seen in the dream symbolize the familywell-being. If you hear a goofy cackle in your dream, you will be able to uncover some mystery and dispel false rumors. If you dreamed a whole goose flock grazing on the grass, then you will deserve great respect. If the geese in your dream swim, then the luck that left you will certainly return to you soon. If someone tries to catch a goose, then soon you or your close relative will play a wedding. If you buy a goose, then in the near future you will be honored, if you sell - then expect big losses and losses. The plucked goose is a symbol of the future disappointment, killed - the inheritance. If you are dreaming of a roast goose, then wait for guests, if in a dream you eat a bird, then you will have a great, but doubtful, luck that may turn into big problems and troubles in the future.

Why Goose Dreams: Old English dream book

dreamed of a goose
This dream book states that such a dreamis very unfortunate for a single man, because his lover eventually turns out to be a pretty stupid and unskillful wife. She will constantly quarrel with relatives and neighbors, condemning all around and irritating them with gossip. Therefore, it is desirable for a young man to analyze his choice once again and, perhaps, to look at his chosen one in a new way. To all other people the dreaming geese promise a small discord with someone from their close or close friends.

What a goose dreams about: A dream book for the whole family

This dream book states that if a goose has a dreama woman, then she may become a victim of gossip and slander. If the geese in a dream nip you, then expect the appearance of an ill-wisher, who will do his best to harm you. If you dreamed that you are running away from a goose, then you are in for a bitter disappointment in one of the people close to you.

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