Why does a man have sex with a man? Why dream of having sex with a man

Many people are interested in what they meancertain dreams. And some of them sometimes cause great surprise. Why dream of having sex with a man, for example? It is interesting to understand. Sigmund Freud on this issue would give a lot of useful and entertaining information. Or about what a man dreams of having sex with a man. In general, the topic is interesting, and it is worth discussing it.

what a man dreams of having sex with a man

It's worth pondering

If we talk about what a man dreams of sex withman, it should be noted that this vision does not bode well. Most likely, a young man is expected to have troubles that will be related to the inability to hold his thoughts and words. Especially if in a dream the sleeper felt a strong disgust. Therefore, it is best to listen to such a dream. But this is not the only interpretation that explains why a man dreams of having sex with a man. If the guy before this flirted with the sleeper, then perhaps he will soon break his happiness by some ridiculous act.

It happens that such visions of disgust are notcause. This is good, because in that case adversity and other troubles will bypass the person by side. By the way, we should note one more interesting fact, concerning what a man dreams of having sex with a man. Perhaps fate lets you know that you will soon have to feel remorse. This is also desirable to pay attention.

Modern interpretation

What does sex between men and how does itinterprets the modern dream book? Often these visions indicate unproductive work and useless relationships that have no perspective. And such a dream is a foreshadowing of obstacles. In addition, one should revise the personal attitude to everything that happens in life.

I must say that dreams of homosexuality areNot unusual. Also it is not necessary to think, what is it any abnormal deviations or rejections. However, if such dreams - a frequent phenomenon, and in the company of guys, the young man starts to look at them, then it is worth paying attention to. And it is desirable to do it quickly, because such visions can become stress. Perhaps this subconscious mind gives a signal for a person to understand their emotions and think about it.

 what does sex with a man dream about?

Manifestation of self-love

Speaking of what dreams of having sex with anotherman, it is worth noting that sometimes such visions are a manifestation of self-love. And in this there is nothing strange. They may seem homosexual, but only superficially. You should take a closer look at the face of the man who dreams, perhaps under his mask you will find out yourself. And often it turns out. Therefore, one should not worry in vain. After all, you can just think and find the answer to your question, "reviewing" the dream and analyzing it. Because the dream books are, of course, good, but their interpretation can not be the same for everyone.

what does sex with another man dream about


Why dream of sex with an unfamiliar man - it is clear, but how to explain the vision in which the guy watched his connection with someone he knows?

The first interpretation means that this is a definitesexual dissatisfaction. Also, often after such dreams, there are some unexpected spontaneous ideas and plans. If a guy enjoyed the process in a dream, then this is a sign that the man who turned out to be his partner in life is an opponent and a direct competitor. By the way, you should take a closer look at this dream. It is worth remembering who in the dream was the initiator of all that was happening and, accordingly, showed great activity. And then it becomes clear who in real competition is the aggressor, and who, on the contrary, tries to suppress the conflict.

 Why dream of sex with a stranger

What you should know

Interestingly, dreams that carry sexualcharacter, do not always have an interpretation related to proximity. They are most often a manifestation of the overall picture of the perception of life and the people that surround us. And in order to correctly explain the dream, it is necessary to remember what kind of person it was in, to pay attention to one's feelings and remember the situation. Romantic dreams, for example, are just a desire. But the fulfillment in a dream of something unacceptable (for example, the same same-sex relationship) - this is something to think about. First we need to understand that the vision caused moral discomfort. If there were no unpleasant sensations, then do not even worry again. It's just that the subconscious has given out something that probably once existed in it as an ordinary thought, an assumption.

why dream of having sex with a man

Cause of sleep

Many are interested not only in what they dreamed aboutvision, but also why it happened. Well, in fact, everything is very simple. It happens that a person thought about something all day, worried about something, spoke in the evening on a certain topic, in general, paid a lot of time and attention to something. And this is so strongly fixed in the mind (this is what it says about the subconscious) that even in a person's dream a certain topic is pursued. In this there is nothing strange. So, if you suddenly had a dream with a homosexual plot, it's worth remembering, but was there not any topics related to this delicate moment yesterday? Having given an answer to this question, it will be possible to explain your night vision.

In general, I must say that it always followsremember dreams. Of course, if possible, all are well aware that they have the property of quickly forgetting after awakening. But the details need to be remembered, because it is in them lies the solution of the dream and its interpretation. This is a very interesting topic, and that's why many people wake up, even write down some moments, then to figure them out. No wonder there is a whole science of dreaming.

what does sex between men

Interpretation for girls

But for the fair halfhumanity such intimate visions are absolutely normal. But they also want to know what sex with a man dreams about. The simplest explanation (and, incidentally, very logical) - the girl lacks emotions and attention. But the details are also important to remember.

For example, what does he dream about having sex witha man in unusual positions, places, and generally not as usual? It's simple. This is a manifestation of hidden fantasies and desires that do not come true in reality. If a man in a dream is a legitimate spouse, then such a dream means that something good will happen soon. The perceived proximity without pleasure warns of future troubles and difficulties. In the event that the former dreamed, then it's time to forget it, otherwise the longing for the lost will become stronger. If there was a guy in the dream with whom the girl is in a relationship, then you should look at your friends. Caution does not hurt. But generally, such dreams rarely promise anything bad. Often - it's just hidden in the subconscious desire.

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