I cognize the dream: the mouse in a dream

Mice in a dream are treated differently. It all depends on the context of your dreams. Basically the interpretation of such a picture boils down to the fact that you see your secret enemies. If you understand this issue in more detail, then there are several more explanations for what you saw. Many dream books suggest that we pay attention to the coloring of these rodents and their behavior, since it is believed that the mouse in a dream is a warning about lies from friends, about troubles in professional affairs.

mouse in a dream

As mentioned above, the color of the mouse "coat"adds to your sleep a certain clarity and a new meaning. For example, one of the popular dream books says that all the mice in a dream are gossips that live behind your back. If the rodent is white, the gossip is a person from a circle of people close to you! If the mice have a black or gray color, then there will be no special changes in your life in the near future.

If you fight them

Other sources say that the mouse in a dreamsymbolize certain difficulties at your work place. If you are fighting rodents, it means that in reality you can emerge victorious out of scandalous and provocative situations. One of the variations of this situation is the fight against one single pest. Or maybe you had to kill the mouse in a dream? it says that you can independentlyovercome their professional difficulties. But if the victory was not on your side, your enemies will come out "dry out of the water"! A scientist named Miller generally claims that a rodent who escaped from you is an approaching struggle or a fight, the outcome of which remains unclear.

mouse in a dream
Explanation of Tsvetkov

According to Yevgeny Tsvetkov's dream book, see the mouse insleep - to the approaching famine, war, epidemic, in a word, to the offensive of rather hard times. If you see dead rodents, then wait soon for financial difficulties. By the way, Tsvetkov generally talks about mice, seen in a dream, as an absurd situation, in which you fall. To catch them - to dubious entertainment, because of which you can get into a mess.

Interesting turn of events

If the mice that you see in a dream, suddenlyturned out to be volatile, wait for major troubles! The same Tsvetkov and Miller interpret this as the news of severe illness or death. Perhaps such a "dark" interpretation of such dreams was due to the bad glory of bats in real life. One of the variations of such dreams is that a bat that gets into a house or room tells us about the departure in the near future. I wonder what scientists in the UK think about this? In their opinion, the volatile mice (just like the ordinary mice) symbolize our enemies. The decisive factor here is what time of day do you see them. For example, their flight at night is a possible danger, and daylight means that you will be able to meet future challenges!

kill the mouse in a dream
By the way, if in a dream you were surrounded by a whole flockbats, this is evidence that your gossip is showing excessive attention to your person, which would be nice to "cut the wings". If the animals attack you, wait for "lice" checks!

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