Restaurant "Brecel" (Zelenograd): the menu

The time passed when the delicate dishesthey were treated exclusively in restaurants located in the center of the capital. Now you can taste dishes prepared by masters of culinary art, you can go far beyond the Garden Ring. Proof of this - the restaurant "Brecel".

restaurant brezel zelenograd

Zelenograd is the city where this is locatedinstitution, - although it refers to Moscow, but is located twenty kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. Nevertheless, there are many restaurants and cafes, the service of which is at a fairly high level. In this article we will talk about one of these institutions. What kind of traditional cuisine does the restaurant "Brezel" (Zelenograd) offer? What in the menu of this institution is very popular among visitors?

About the place

Restaurant "Brecel" (Zelenograd) is named in honor ofbakery products, which enjoyed great popularity among residents of southern Germany since the Middle Ages. The recipe for this pretzel was known only to a limited circle of masters of bakery art. A fairly diverse assortment of dishes is offered by "Brezel" (restaurant, Zelenograd). Its menu includes not only dishes prepared according to the traditions of German cuisine. Moreover, it is dominated by dishes of Italian and Russian cuisine. Probably, the creators of this institution simply liked the sonorous German name.


Restaurant "Brecel" (Zelenograd) positionsitself as an institution, similar to which there is not in the whole city. The guest, who has been here for the first time, might think that they serve here dishes of high French cuisine. In the interior there are art forging, natural wood, antique furniture. All this can be seen in the restaurants of French cuisine. But opening the menu "Bretzel", the guest will be somewhat surprised.

brezel restaurant green menu


French cooking is in fashion today, in whata significant role was played by the popular TV series about restaurant workers. Nevertheless, few of the Russians will abandon the traditional Russian dish in favor of European delicacy. The chef "Brezel" apparently took into account and included in the menu such dishes as "Herring with potatoes", "Solyanka meat", "Ear". In the "Brecese" you can taste Italian dishes. Namely: "Carbonara", "Fettuccine with salmon", "Ravioli". In the menu there is a large selection of pizza. German cuisine here is represented by various hot appetizers and pork dishes. And, finally, in the menu are several kinds of julienne, shrimp dishes cooked according to the traditions of French cooking.

The restaurant "Brecel" differs from other institutions of Zelenograd with original decoration and a variety of dishes.

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