New "Sprite" (cucumber): reviews, price and outlook

In February this year, in a press release of the companyCoca-Cola said that the popular drink Sprite will appear with a new taste. Sprite carbonated water with cucumber flavor will be released specially for the Russian market, and it is here that she will appear before the public for the first time. Such an event occurred for the first time in 20 years of the existence of the drink in our country, although there have long been different variations of the habitual water with citrus flavor abroad: lemon, lime, and grapefruit. There is a ginger, and even energy with the addition of caffeine.

Also, especially for residents of eastern countriesreleased a carbonated drink Sprite with an extract of real green tea. Despite the release of new items, the classic and all so familiar "Sprite" will not disappear anywhere, but will also be available for sale on a par with cucumber. Reviews of "Sprite" (cucumber) have already appeared on Internet forums, but let's talk about the classic. How can I remove the drink from the shelves of the store, which has been there for 28 years? After all, it became a legend and plays an important role in the hearts of Russian citizens.

sprite cucumber composition

Why a cucumber?

After the release of information about a new "Spray" (tastecucumber), many began to wonder: why, in fact, a cucumber? A lot of polls showed that the main target audience of the drink considers cucumber water a great way to quench your thirst.

In addition, it is often served in public placesnutrition in the summer, when the question of quenching thirst is much more acute than at any other time of the year. This can also explain the time of the release of "Sprite" with the taste of cucumber - the end of spring. After all, it is in May that the heat begins.

sprite cucumber отзывы

The first testimonies about "Spreat" with cucumber

As soon as the new drink appeared on the shelvesshops, the first buyers began to leave feedback on it on numerous sites, forums, as well as in public surveys. After the study, it turned out that the reviews of "Sprite" with cucumber are very ambiguous: a certain percentage of respondents say that the new ingredient only spoiled the drink. They are sure that they will never buy such a lemonade.

Some people who left feedback about cucumberdrink, noted that the new taste is worth trying for the sake of diversity, in order to make sure that the classic taste of "Sprite" is the best. But most of the "Sprite" who tasted it with the cucumber's taste left positive comments. They claim that this lemonade has a new, refreshing, bright taste! These people say that it will be remembered for a long time and will be an excellent option for quenching thirst both in hot summer and in any other period of the year.

 sprite with cucumber flavor

Who wants to try?

Reviews about "Sprite" (cucumber) read veryinteresting. We can say that there are positive responses here much more than others and, of course, all those who have not yet done so will want to try the drink.

Difference from classics

For those who have not tried a new lemonade withthe taste of cucumber, you can say a few words. By adding cucumber extract to the drink, the classic lemon-lime flavor of "Sprite" has acquired a tangible note of cucumber, which is very difficult not to notice. Despite this, there was a lemon flavor in the lemonade, and now they are on equal terms with the cucumber. Thus, in a new drink, both tastes are felt at once: to everyone the usual lemon, and a completely new one - cucumber.

carbonated water sprite cucumber taste

The composition of "Sprite" (cucumber)

Many people ask how the new "Sprite"was manufactured? What did the creators do? The composition of this drink is actually somewhat different from the usual lemon-lime. Here you can immediately say - a new taste has appeared due to the addition of a cucumber extract to the drink.

Also in the new "Sprite" were the originalits ingredients: water, sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, two types of preservatives (sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate). Also here, as usual, ascorbic acid acted as an antioxidant. Actually, the composition differs from the previous drink only by the addition of cucumber extract, and so, the same not quite useful sparkling water remained.

Cost of novelty

Price "Sprite" (cucumber) is identical to the costclassic drink "Sprite" and when you buy lemonade in the store, and in case of his order at home. By the way, delivery is inexpensive. If you buy a drink in the capital of our country, then on average you can spend about 67 rubles per bottle with a volume of 1 liter.

If you buy the product in bulk, you haveyou will pay a smaller amount. Of course, you can find lemonade sold for the stock, and buy it for a much lower cost than usual. It should be noted that new products are rarely participants in various actions. And still, if you try, you'll be able to find this option among the offers of a large number of supermarkets.

sprite cucumber price

What will happen next?

After the release of new items from the company Coca-Cola passedalready almost six months. What to expect next? In the United States of America, carbonated drinks with various unusual flavors - chicken grilled, roasted bacon, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, peanut butter, have long appeared. Does Russia's carbonated beverage market expect the same future?

Of course, no one can give the exact information about thiscan not. But the admirers of lemonades are already waiting for something new and unusual from a long time grown fond of lemonade, not only in our country. Everyone is wondering what kind of flavor will be: tomato, potato, dill? Or maybe the novelties will have to wait another twenty years? No one knows the exact answer to this question, but everyone very much hopes that the development of the amazing company will not stop there.

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