"Pablo Picasso" - a restaurant of Spanish cuisine. Reviews

In the center of Moscow, near the metro station"China Town", there is a restaurant named after the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Dishes are served here, cooked according to the old traditions of Iberian cooking.

"Everything that can be imagined is real," are thosethe words of Pablo Picasso. The restaurant, apparently, was created under the impression of creativity of the great artist. The words of the master became the motto of the institution. What do visitors think about "Pablo Picasso"?

Pablo Picasso Restaurant

Spanish Restaurant

The location of the institution plays an important role in itsattendance. Where is "Pablo Picasso" (restaurant)? China Town is a district of Moscow, in which there are many institutions of this type. It's easy to find a small cozy cafe, and a huge pretentious restaurant. But "Pablo Picasso" stands the competition. He is glad to visit employees of offices located near, foreigners who arrived in the Russian capital for tourist purposes, businessmen who appreciate their time and do not tolerate slow, low-quality service.

Unlike many institutions related torestaurants of Spanish cuisine, in the "Pablo Picasso" really prevail Iberian dishes. Madrid kasido, octopus in Catalan, paella - all this can be tasted here. And, according to reviews of guests who regularly visit the country's bullfights, this restaurant prepares real Spanish dishes, not a fake. A special delight is the visitors' meat paella. The cost of one serving of this dish is 420 rubles. Other items in the menu are somewhat more expensive. However, according to regular guests, more than democratic prices in the "Pablo Picasso." The restaurant also received positive reviews thanks to the unusual interior.

restaurant pablo picasso moscow


The interior is dominated by shades of red. It is this color that is associated with solar Spain. On one of the walls there is a reproduction of the picture of Pablo Picasso. This restaurant, according to the habitues of the capital's institutions, is one of the most stylish in Moscow. In the "Pablo Picasso" two rooms. In one, there is abundant red neon lighting. The other is designed in a more cozy, warm style. The walls are covered with wood, ornamental plants are everywhere, and on the table, designed for a large banquet, a tree with bright juicy fruits rises. True, artificial.

pablo Picasso restaurant china city


Guests celebrate the excellent work of the staff. The restaurant is regularly visited by employees of organizations located nearby, during a working break for the so-called Spanish lunch, in other words, a business lunch. This institution belongs to the company "Restaurants of Rappoport". And about it among Muscovites more positive feedback than negative.

Spanish dishes are quite specific. Nevertheless, the owners of the restaurant "Pablo Picasso" can hardly complain of attendance. Here come as long-time fans of Spanish traditional cuisine, and those who first decided to taste paella, red lentils, gazpacho. Of course, there are also negative reviews. But there are very few of them. And rather they are subjective.

The restaurant "Pablo Picasso" (Moscow) is located at: Slavyanskaya Square, 2/5/4 p. 3. Various actions are regularly held in the institution. You can find out about them on the official website or directly at the restaurant.

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