Vodka "Parliament" is a Russian classic in the luxury category

Vodka "Parliament" - traditional Russian vodkacategory luxury, made from grain alcohol. The name of the producers was chosen from the considerations that this word is understandable in most countries of the world and sounds almost identical in different languages. It carries a powerful charge of energy, associated with power, openness and democracy.

The composition of this vodka includes specially prepared water, rectified ethyl alcohol "Lux" from food raw materials.

vodka parliament
The vodka "Parliament" is poured into bottles 1 liter, 0.75 or 0.5 - standard volumes for this type of alcohol. For the first time labels on Russian vodka became transparent.

At the heart of the new production technology liesthe ability of the vegetable protein to excrete toxic impurities. In the blend of the drink is added a decoction of cereals, which starts the process of absorbing harmful substances by the vegetable protein. The formed sediment is removed.

In production, spring water is used,which undergoes a complex system of additional purification. As a result, vodka turns out to be crystal clear and has a subtle aroma. The reaction to the product on the market surpassed the expectations of manufacturers. To a certain extent, he became a sensation, introducing Russian vodka in the domestic and foreign markets. Immediately after the appearance in Germany, alcohol began to sell quite actively in the premium segment.

parliament vodka price

The original vodka "Parliament" is beautifulhigh quality alcohol. However, there are also counterfeits. You can find them on the label. If you hold a finger on it, you can feel that the original letters will be embossed, and on the fake paper is absolutely smooth.

The vodka "Parliament" appeared on the market for the first time in1999. Immediately was established its own distribution network in Moscow and the Moscow region. Within 2 years, the manufacturer decided to promote the product to international markets. A representative office was established in Europe, sales began in Germany. In 2003, a subbrand of Parliament International appeared - vodka, peeled with egg white. Two years later, the program of modernization of the production site in Balashikha and capital construction was launched.

vodka parliament 1 liter
A year later, vodka began selling well in Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Armenia and other European countries.

"Parliament" is vodka, the price of which is less thandemocratic, than follows from the name. But a quality product can not be cheap. One of the features of this alcohol is milk cleaning. It follows the best traditions of vodka production in the Slavic lands. From history it is known that milk was used as an absorbent in Ancient Rus. This tradition was preserved in Soviet times, for example, this technology was used in the production of vodka "Moskovskaya". Thus, "Parliament" is 100% compliant with the premium vodka standard.

Vodka "Parliament" enjoys a stablepopularity with Russian consumers for many years. By its properties and qualities, the drink meets high standards. This made the product popular in the European market. At the same time, "Parliament", as before, is considered a classic Russian vodka.

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