Sesame halva: benefits, harm, recipes and properties

Halva is absolutely justifiably considered one of thethe most popular delicacies. For its production, various nuts and seeds with a high content of vitamins and minerals are used. It is due to this that it is recognized as one of the healthiest desserts. After reading today's article, you will understand how sesame halva is prepared and how useful.

Valuable properties

The benefits of this sweet treat are due toa unique composition of seeds used for its production. They contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty unsaturated acids and proteins, in terms of usefulness, not inferior to those found in meat. This product is rich in vitamin E, A and B.

Also halva sesame, the benefit and harm of whichare considered in today's article, it is considered a good source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. In its composition, there are powerful natural antioxidants that slow the aging process and bind free radicals.

sesame halva

Regular use of this desserthelps reduce blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol. It is recommended to include in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and migraines. The substances contained in it make it possible to normalize the work of the respiratory and nervous system.

Who is contraindicated in this dessert?

Like any other product, sesame halva,the benefits of which have long been known throughout the world, can harm the human body. It is desirable to exclude from the diet of those who are diagnosed with increased coagulability of the blood.

sesame halva good

Also this delicacy is not recommended to giveto children under the age of three. This is due to the fact that it has a high concentration of fat, the splitting of which the child's body can not cope with. In addition, sesame halva should not appear in the diet of people suffering from an individual intolerance to one or more of the ingredients used to prepare it.

Classic recipe

To pamper your loved ones with a delicious dessert,does not necessarily buy a store option. It is much more useful and safer to feed them with a homemade delicacy. In order for you to get a real sesame halva, the recipe of which will be considered later, you should prepare all the necessary ingredients in advance. You will need:

  • A glass of wheat flour.
  • One hundred and fifty grams of sugar.
  • A glass of sesame.
  • Seventy-five milliliters of milk.
  • Four tablespoons of sunflower oil.

To make the finished delicacy become saturated with a pleasant aroma, a little vanillin is added to it. Those who do not like this spice, you can abandon its use.

Process description

Sesame seeds are poured onto a dry frying pan andlightly fry. After that, they are grinded several times in a meat grinder and combined with a small amount of sunflower oil so as to obtain a sufficiently homogeneous viscous mass. There also add wheat flour, fried to a golden hue. Everything is mixed well and cleaned to the side.

sesame halva recipe

In a separate dish pour milk, pourvanillin and sugar. The resulting mixture is sent to a plate and brought to a boil. A minute later, the pan is removed from the fire, and its contents are combined with the sesame mass. All carefully mixed and a thin layer spread on the cutting board, moistened with water.

After about half an hour, sesame halva, the useful properties of which are discussed above, will be sufficiently cooled to be cut into squares or rhombuses.

Recipe with coconut chips

Of course, it's much easier to go to the store andto get ready dessert. However, do not forget that the composition of the purchased product contains a variety of preservatives, not only increasing the shelf life of delicacies, but also adversely affecting our health. Therefore, it is better to spend a little time and make sesame halva yourself. Moreover, the technology of its preparation is so simple that even an inexperienced mistress will master it without problems. To ensure that you get a useful homemade sesame halva, you should stock up all the ingredients in advance. In this case, you will need:

  • Two hundred and fifty grams of butter.
  • A teaspoon of vanillin.
  • One hundred and fifty grams of sesame.
  • Tablespoon of cocoa.
  • One hundred grams of milk powder and powdered sugar.


It is desirable to remove the oil from the refrigerator in advance. When the product warms to room temperature, it is transferred to a ladle and melted at minimum heat. After a few minutes, sesame seeds are sent to him and fried until a pleasant golden hue appears.

halva sesame benefit and harm

The container is removed from the plate,send it coconut shavings. All mix well. Cocoa, vanilla and powdered sugar are added to the resulting mass. The last one is poured into the saucepan with powdered milk and once again thoroughly mixed. After about ten minutes, the finished "dough" is laid out in a form, previously lined with food film, carefully leveled with an ordinary spoon and cleaned in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours, the frozen sesame halva is completely ready for use. Before serving, the dessert is cut into cubes.

Recipe with dates

This variant differs from the previous ones in thatits composition lacks sugar. Because this dessert is not only tasty, but also very useful. They can treat not only adults, but also children. To make such a halva you will need:

  • One hundred grams of sesame.
  • A handful of dates.
  • Fifty grams of peanuts.
  • A couple tablespoons of natural honey.

sesame halva

Sesame and peanuts are sent to a coffee grinder andturn into flour. In the received mass add the crushed dates and honey. Everyone is whisked well with a blender or rubbed with palms. The resulting "dough" is laid out in a form lined with food film, carefully pressed and cleaned in the refrigerator. After about an hour, sesame halva is completely ready for consumption. The longer the dessert will stay in the refrigerator, the better it will keep the desired shape.

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