Restaurant "Guests", Tula: services and reviews

In Tula on the street. Leiteisen, d. 18 for more than two years, the residents of the city and tourists are pleased with the restaurant "Guests". The chic interior, executed in a seasoned Victorian style, creates an aristocratic atmosphere of impeccable service and excellent cuisine. The restaurant has a banquet hall for 160 people, a summer terrace, and a dance floor. Always in the evening program live music, high-quality Wi-Fi, photo and video services.

guests restaurant tula

Services of the restaurant "Guests" in Tula

From the first days of work, the restaurant is at the forefrontput a high level of service and a fine cuisine, offering Russian and European dishes. From the menu of the restaurant "Guests", visitors can choose a meal for any appetite and preferences: delicate fettuccine with shrimps or a fried calf scoop, paella with capers or fragrant khachapuri "in Adjarian".

Special dishes in the restaurant "Guests" in Tulaare provided for vegetarians and fasting, there is always a delicious and varied children's menu, a wide wine list. The restaurant takes care of the daily meals of its customers, offering low-cost business lunches or meals with you to take away.

guests restaurant tula

For a festive banquet or a special celebration, the original design of the hall, the services of the phyto-designer and the chef-confectioner are provided.

The restaurant expects visitors daily from 12.00 to 01.00, on Fridays and Saturdays - from 12.00 to 02.00. The average check is 1000-1300 rubles.

Reviews of the restaurant "Guests" in Tula

Most customers of the restaurant "Guests" sincerelyadmire the quality of service and excellent cuisine, in which you can choose dishes for every taste. Freshness of products, refinement of design and taste of the offered dishes are noted.

The interior of the establishment deserved special evaluation. "Chic", "aristocratic", "rich" - here is a short list of the main epithets given by visitors. A cozy atmosphere, according to customers' opinions, creates a fireplace in the banquet, polite and unobtrusive treatment of waiters, live music that does not interfere with a friendly conversation at remote tables.

restaurant guests tula reviews

A negative reaction is caused by somecorporate manners of staff and individual gastronomic punctures chefs restaurant "Guests" in Tula. In general, the impression of the institution is very positive, it is recommended for both noisy celebrations and quiet family events.

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