How to get a bone from the throat

All fish dishes are cunning enough and can beare dangerous to your health. However, this time does not mean the toxicity of a marine or river creature, as well as the degree of heat treatment. The presence in fish of a large number of small, but incredibly sharp bones becomes often a real problem for humans. After all, it's enough not to glimpse at once what piece of dainty goes to your mouth, as a sharp pain pierces your throat. The diagnosis is extremely clear - the bone is stuck in the soft tissues. And here it is not until the continuation of the meal. Let's look at several ways to get the bone out of your throat.

First, calm the victim. Panic in this situation will only worsen his condition. Do not let a person try to get rid of the sudden interference. Sit him on a chair and ask him to open his mouth wide, pre-gently swallowing the saliva so that it does not obstruct the examination. To the stuck fish bone in the throat became noticeable, shine there with a flashlight or direct the beam from the table lamp. If it is close enough (for example, near the sky or in the tonsils), then it is possible to try to extract the hindriment on its own without resorting to the help of medical workers. Use tweezers for this. With the tip of the instrument, try to grab the free part of the bone as tightly as possible and pull it toward you. She must go out freely.

The second way to help the victim, ifswallowed a fish bone, is the use of a sterile bandage. Wrap it in several layers on the finger or on a long thin object, if the interference is somewhat deeper. In the second case, be careful not to slip the bandage and stay in the patient's throat. Slide your finger along the place where the bone entered. Due to the rough surface of the bandage, it must be carefully removed.

How to get a bone from the throat, if at hand there is noanything suitable for the role of the instrument? Try using a paraffin candle. Heat one of its ends and allow the wax to melt, so that it becomes soft and supple. Then press it against the bone. When the paraffin stiffens, it will be extracted as soon as you pull the candle back. But be careful. Do not burn the victim with hot wax.

However, on the way to success,a serious obstacle. If a person has a strong gag reflex, then any attempt to help him will not succeed. How to get a bone from the throat in such a difficult situation? Treat the tongue root with a small amount of lidocaine. He will weaken the vomiting and allow you to calmly remove the stone. Do not forget to ask the victim first if he has any chance of an allergy to such a medical product. Otherwise, there is a risk of anaphylactic shock. Then the bone in the throat will become a completely insignificant problem against the background of everything else.

Do not try to push the interferencewith the help of the notorious bread crust, which is so popular in home medicine. A large bone from such manipulation can only go deeper into the tissues, and also damage the esophagus. As a result, the patient will certainly be on the hospital bed.

How to get a bone from the throat, if it is impossibleto detect with the naked eye? In this case, ask the victim to describe their feelings. If the throat hurts, and swallowing only strengthens an unpleasant feeling, then in this situation immediately go to the hospital. Trying to pull a bone yourself can end badly. A specialist in the clinic with the help of tools will certainly help the hapless lover of fish dishes.

In any case, if there is no one nearby who could help you with a similar problem, go to the doctor. Only he can accurately and without consequences pull out a bone from the throat.

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