Oatmeal cookies without flour: a recipe for cooking at home

Oatmeal cookies at home are done quite simply. But before you start making this delicacy, you should think about what dessert you want to get in the end.

oatmeal cookies without flour

Surely many modern adult peopleremember how their grandmothers and mothers cooked oatmeal cookies with a minimum of ingredients. In this article, we decided to remind you of several such recipes. Thanks to them, you can independently make oatmeal cookies without flour, as well as without cooking oil and eggs. But first things first.

Delicious oatmeal cookies: recipe without flour

Such a delicacy is prepared for a relatively short time. But before you start its baking in the oven, you should stock up on the necessary ingredients in advance. So, we need:

  • high-fat butter - about 200 g;
  • sand fine sugar - a full glass;
  • eggs fresh rustic - 2 pieces;
  • Fried oatmeal flakes - 3 ordinary glasses;
  • soda canteen without vinegar extinguishing - a small spoon;
  • vanilla sugar fragrant - 15 g;
  • Ground cinnamon - use as desired and taste.

Kneading test

Before making oatmeal cookies without flour,it is necessary to replace the viscous base thoroughly. To do this, it is required to remove the cooking oil from the refrigerating chamber beforehand, and then rub it together with sugar, vanillin and ground cinnamon. If the taste and aroma of the last component do not suit you, then you can not add it.

oatmeal cookies recipe without flour

After processing the butter, it is necessaryto engage in fresh village eggs. They should be whipped with the help of a handful of corn, and then add oat flakes and table soda to crumbs (if desired, you can extinguish with fresh lemon juice). Finally, a homogeneous mass must be sent to the refrigerator and held for about 30 minutes. During this time, the base will swell a little. Further to it it is necessary to add the processed culinary fat, properly to mix all. As a result, you get a very soft dough, which is recommended to cool again, but already in the freezer for ¼ hours.

The formation process

Oatmeal cookies without wheat flour are formedquite simply. To begin with, it must be removed from the freezer, and then divided into many small parts and rolled from them balls. After this, the product needs to be slightly flattened and placed on a baking sheet with cooking paper. If you did not have such a sheet, then the biscuits can be put in a form, previously greased with vegetable fat and sprinkled with semolina.

Baking in the oven

Homemade oatmeal cookies without flour are baked inoven very quickly. To prepare it, the filled baking tray should be sent to a warm cabinet and held for about 40 minutes. At the same temperature in the kitchen device should be about 185 degrees.

We serve dessert for tea

After the oatmeal cookies without flour will bebaked, it must be removed, placed on a plate and partially cooled. Next, the dessert is ready to be put on the table with hot tea. By the way, some housewives prefer to use this delicacy together with kefir or fermented baked milk. Enjoy your meal!

oatmeal cookies at home

We make dietary oatmeal cookies without flour and butter

If you watch your figure and do not wantreplenish, using homemade cakes, then we suggest doing it not only without wheat flour, but also without such a high-calorie product as butter. For this we need the following components:

  • oatmeal flakes (do not need to grind) - about 150 g;
  • fresh chicken eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • milk of small fat content as fresh as possible - approximately 50 ml;
  • vegetable oil any - 2 tablespoons large;
  • sugar substitute - 2 large spoons;
  • Vanillin - use to taste and desire;
  • baking powder - a pinch.

Preparation of the basis

To make oatmeal cookies without flour andbutter, flakes can not grind. They should be combined with chicken eggs, and then add vanillin, vegetable oil, milk and baking powder. After thoroughly mixing the components to them, you need to add a little sugar and sugar substitute. After this, the viscous base should be left aside so that it slightly swells.

Formation and heat treatment

Having made an oatmeal and having sustained it in heat,should proceed to the formation of dietary products. To do this, it is necessary to cover the baking tray with baking paper, and then lay out the substrate using a large spoon. Bake products at a temperature of 185 degrees, preferably about 30 minutes. During this time they should be slightly rounded, soft and very gentle.

homemade oatmeal cookies without flour

We serve homemade food for the table

After the delicious oatmeal cookies cool down,It must be carefully removed from the culinary paper and put on a plate. Next, a delicious dietary dessert should be presented to the table with green tea or unsweetened fat-free yoghurt.

Make delicious cookies without eggs and wheat flour

How can I still cook oatmealbiscuit? The recipe without flour and butter was reviewed above. However, some housewives make such a delicacy and without the use of eggs. If you use this way, then you will definitely get a very gentle and soft dessert, which can be safely presented to your children and your husband.

So, the ingredients:

  • margarine is good for baking - about 125 g;
  • honey liquid any - about 125 ml;
  • cinnamon ground - a large spoon;
  • lemon peel - use to taste;
  • oat flakes, crushed in crumb - 100 g;
  • whole oatmeal flakes - 200 g;
  • salt, fine iodized - a pinch;
  • sesame seeds for sprinkling - about 50 g;
  • nuts any fried shredded - apply as desired.
    dietary oatmeal cookies without flour

Make the dough

Cook oatmeal cookies at home withoutuse of village eggs is not very difficult. For this, it is required in a small bowl to melt the good cooking oil intended for baking, and then add to it any liquid honey, lemon zest, iodized salt and ground nuts. Next, the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly, then left aside for a while.

While the oily mass cools down, one can tacklepreparation of nuts. They need to be sorted, washed well in warm water, and then dried in a frying pan or in a microwave oven. In the future, the processed nuts must be crushed into a not very small crumb. It should be especially noted that such a component will make homemade cakes more nutritious and nutritious.

Treated nuts as described above, theirit is required to pour into the cooking oil together with the crushed and large oat flakes. After that, all the ingredients must be mixed until smooth. As a result, you should get a granular dough that slightly sticks to your fingers.

Form the oatmeal cookies and bake it in the oven

After mixing oatmeal, you should proceedthe formation of home sweeties. To do this, the substrate needs to be divided into several pieces and made from them a kind of flat cakes in the thickness of 1.2 centimeters. For beauty and taste, each formed product can be sprinkled with a small amount of sesame seeds.

oatmeal cookies without wheat flour

Next, you need to lay a casserolepaper or simply lubricate it with vegetable fat, and sprinkle with semolina. After that, on the prepared sheet should be put all oat cakes at a distance of 2-3 centimeters from each other.

Filling the entire baking tray, it is required immediatelyTo send in the warmed up case. Bake such a tasty and satisfying treat at a temperature of 205 degrees is recommended for 25 minutes. This is quite enough time for the dessert to fully prepare, become tender and soft.

We decorate the homemade delicacy and serve it to the table

If oatmeal cookies are meant forsmall children, it is recommended to decorate it in addition. For this, the hot products should be carefully removed from the cooking paper and completely cooled. Then one half of the treats should be sprinkled with sugar powder, and the other covered with chocolate glaze (dark or white). After all the dessert with nuts will be properly decorated, it can be safely presented to the family table. As a rule, such a sweet dish is served to household members together with black hot tea. However, some housewives prefer to enjoy it, sipping coffee or cocoa, as well as natural yoghurt, kefir or fermented baked milk.

cookies oatmeal delicious

Now you know that delicious homemade cookies can be cooked and without the use of components such as wheat flour, chicken eggs and butter.

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